Month: April 2011

Blood of the Chameleon

Initially developed back in 1999, Blood of the Chameleon is a text based game worth checking out. It was created by Thomas Lipschultz and described as "a uniquely historical" role playing game. The game does feel a bit "ancient" compared to newer and fresher games but this doesn't mean that it's not worth playing. Your main objective when playing is to kill the evil "Chameleon." However, in order to do so, you need to find and destroy four tears that can only be found by exploring the lands. Everything in this game feels like a classic. You even have to control the game via the number keypad. Go ahead and give this a try.

Bobby Watkins

Do you like birthdays? Did you ever wondered what it would be like to have them every single day; to get all the presents, eat the best cake, and have fun with your friends? Wouldn't it be nice. Bobby Watkins is a short film/fairytale about a young boy who wants everyday to be his birthday. And so to make his very wish come true, Bobby heads downstairs at night and fixes his mother's day planner, crossing out all the holidays and making every day his own. But what he soon realizes is that it is tough to get exactly what you want. Birthdays might be fun, even more than one at a time, but after having the cake each and single day, at the end you end up craving something else.


Want a simple and fast way to edit your images? Seashore is the way to go. Sure, Picasa might be available and even Photoshop but what's great about Seashore is that it is lightweight and gives you the very basics. No need to figure out which button is for which since it makes sure that everything is straightforward. It gives you what you need right there. Seashore provides all the essentials you need for basic image editing. It's even dubbed as the "Paint" version for Mac. It's definitely the software to have if what you need doesn't require heavy or specialized editing since the program provides plenty of features that anybody can make use of. The software is offered absolutely free and works great for any of your projects.

Bullets In Madison – We Became Your Family When You Died

Elements of ambient, shoe gaze, post rock, and indie pop music make We Became Your Family When You Died by Chicago based dream pop/shoe gaze collective Bullets In Madison, one of the most ambitious albums your are likely to listen to. These songs are 4 to 7 minutes long but the indie pop narratives make them seem to go by much quicker.  In post rock and ambient music the emotion as all important, and this album has that in spades with a shimmering wave of strings, percussion and guitar accents that sound wistful.


Like most puzzle games, Propel contains almost the same basic mechanics. You find the exit, which is often cleverly hidden, so you can clear a particular level. However, despite the basic gameplay and mechanics, Propel manages to stand out thanks to the way it carefully combines platform gaming and solving puzzles. The game not only allows you to solve puzzles but it also makes sure that you practice and hone your motor-skills with its platformer type of gameplay. Propel was developed by Abscure Games and was actually a remake of an old game they had called "The Fall Game." If you're looking for an interesting puzzler, then give this one a go.

Singleton: The High Seas

This catchy indie rock alternative crew from Kiev, Ukraine is certainly one to watch out for. Singleton first entered the music scene back in 2004. As they started out, they promoted their music by doing an extensive tour all over the Ukraine. However, it wasn't until 2009, when the band released their debut EP, Storms (get it here.) By 2010, the group pushed further and put together this 12 track compilation, The High Seas.


Need help organizing your day? Astrid is a handy little app that can help you get things done. It contains plenty of features that you will surely benefit from. The application was designed by Todoroo Inc. and comes loaded with features that can get you organized in no time. It's available for free download on any Android system and contains plenty of ways where you can easily customize it according to your own needs. The program is definitely the perfect choice for any person looking for some help when it comes to fulfilling regular tasks and obligations. Give this cool application a download today.

The Eclectic: Breathe EP

The Eclectic is a Dublin five piece crew that create an alt rock infused electronica sound. This EP, Breathe, has garnered comparison to top Brit band, Muse. Even though the group isn't exactly thrilled with this comparison, there's no denying that they do sound like the Matt Bellamy-led group. From the voice to the synth rock sound, it's hard not to compare. Nevertheless, The Eclectic does sound quite good. Their sound is a beautiful mix of laid back cuts to menacing synth alternative. One thing's for sure, whether they really sound like Muse or not; this five track EP is worth checking out. Give it a download.