Month: November 2011

Kidd Russell: Backyard Heroes

Kidd Russell's Backyard Heroes is an interesting mix of alternative hip hop that you might want to check out. A college football player by day, Kip "Kidd" Russell turns into a rap star by night and creates an eclectic mix of hip hop music. Citing influences like Tupac, Common and 90s alternative bands like 311; it's no surprise you'll get a whole hodge podge of sound from this artist. Backyard Heroes is Kidd's 3rd album and in a short time he's found himself thrust in the limelight; opening for artists like The Roots, Common, Christ Webby, Uncle Kracker and The FLOBOTS just to name a few.

Racing Moto

All adrenaline junkies, its time to rev up your machines and hit the road. Racing Moto-High has arrived to burn the Android device screens. An app with an average rating of 4.4 on the Android Market - you really cannot go wrong with this one. Coming straight from DroidHen games, a developer with quite a handful of Android titles under it's belt; Racing Moto nails it with its fast-paced action in an easy-to-play format. The graphics of the game are something to really talk about, with multiple in-game options making the game very interesting.

Paper Tiger: Everyone Here

Paper Tiger is made up of two Dutch guys who have a penchant for creating upbeat, fun, acoustic indie pop songs deserving of a listen. This is the boys debut compilation and it was released under New Zealand netlabel (and home to glorious indie folk pop,) Beep Beep Back The Truck Up! Although the duo, Chris (Regtop) and Tmy (Phem), have been friends since they were young; it wasn't until the last several years and after stints in punk as well as indie bands, did they decide to pursue their passion for indie pop with Paper Tiger. Together, they write songs about mundane things in life; accompanying it with gorgeous melodies and sometimes quirky lyrics.

Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory!

Attention all FPS lovers. Its time to pick-up your weapons, choose your allies, and gear up for war. We are talking about the iconic FPS, Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Developed by Activision, the same developer who has churned out impressive titles such as Driver, Driver 3, Call Of Duty series, Crash Bandicoot series, just to name a few. Enemy Territory was supposed to be an expansion pack to the RTCW game series, but a problem owing to the single-player aspect led to Enemy Territory being released as a free and open-source standalone game on 29th May, 2003.


Pinnacle Studios has received a handful of criticism for limited functionality of its software, but things seem to have changed with VideoSpin. VideoSpin is a free video-editing software that offers plenty of options for beginner editors. This video-editor performs really well in comparison to its other free counterparts, making this a perfect choice for casual use. This obviously is no match to the full-paid editors, but does a decently good job by providing options like transitions, various codec supports, output of clips for Video networking sites such as Youtube, Metacafe, just to name a few.

netBloc Vol. 34: The Whitewash

After a short hiatus, blocSonic is now back on track in releasing their latest addition to their Netbloc compilations, Netbloc 34: The Whitewash. As expected, the 14-track record is a goldmine of new sound. Featuring relatively new and unknown artists from all over the world playing different genres, the album is quite an enjoyable record worth raving about. We've featured several of these compilations from the label right here on Frostclick. You can check them here and here. All of them are available as a free download and serves as a great way to discover new bands or new music in the CC licensed music world.

AVG Anti-Virus – reliable & free safety solution for all your devices

Having problems with the never-ending virus threats on your smartphone and desktop? Looking for a free alternative, but at the same time an effective solution. So here it is, the AVG Anti-Virus free-edition for Android. The Android Market is growing at a fast-pace, and so is the risk threat to our devices. Google markets Android as an open-source environment, so there is not a very strict scrutiny when new apps are published by developers. This leads to Malware enetring the Android Marketplace.