Gems with Friends is a mobile match-three game from publisher Zynga. Just like its other “With Friends” game this has a lot of features and is meant to be played with your friends or strangers online. This is a strategy game, and like the others released by the publisher, is a blast to play with your online buddies.

Gems with Friends puts two players against each other in a match-three, turn based online battle. The playing field is partly filled with gems, rather than full of it as in other games. All matches have three rounds. Prior to starting a round, you have to choose 3 mystery gems to help you during the match.

These gems do things like score multipliers, produce more powerful gems, stop time and more. When the round begins, you are assigned gem formations and a row of gems pop. You just drag them from the row to the playing area by dragging. All the gems are numbered from 1 to 9, with the higher the number, the more valuable the match.

A lot of strategies come into play here especially since you can get Power Gems to make many matches in more than a single group. Although the game sounds complex, its actually quite easy to get into. Of course the game lets you report your score in Twitter and Facebook, so you can brag and challenge your friends. This is a fun game that requires skill, speed and thinking. Gems with Friends is a cool game, with cool graphics and nice sound. Try it out.

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