Wherever you may be, at work, in the car, or in a cafe, elicit some good vibes into your day with Jasmine Jordan‘s soul-driven EP, Time Travel.


Featuring four tracks, Jordan puts her own modern flavor in the well-loved ’70s urban soul, as greatly seen in the first track, Possibilities. Here, Jordan succeeds in combining funk and contemporary pop stylings to the vintage grittynes of ’70s music. Press play and let lush, rich vocals turn up your groove.

Best I Can (Feat. Habit Blcx) brims with charm and positivity with love-filled lyrics. Here, soul and retro infusions shine in every note while Jordan’s polished vocals give much luster to finish off this sonic gem.

Time Travel (Feat. Blanchard De Wave) paints a canvas of urban soundscape using booming beats and RnB melodies. Closer, on the other hand, concludes the EP with smooth, sensual tunes laced charming keys and, of course, Jordan’s rich vocals.

Time Travel┬áis a highly promising EP for Jasmine Jordan as it does not only show her vocal skills, but it also reveals her taste, skill, and craftsmanship. Considering that this is just one of her starting albums, we couldn’t wait what this young woman from Los Angeles has in store for us in the future.

Track List:
1. Possibilities
2. Best I Can (Feat. Habit Blcx)
3. Time Travel (Feat. Blanchard De Wave)
4. Closer

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