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As a mom you’re always busy with the kids, so it’s no surprise if you find it hard to go out and make friends. Now with the Peanut app, you’ll have the chance to join a community of moms online and do just that. Think of the app as something akin to Tinder except it is designed for moms.

The app creates your user profile off your Facebook account and the photos, location and other information stored there. However you have full control over what photos and information is included: just go to settings and make the adjustments.

You can set up the profile and state whether you are a mom or if you are pregnant and how old your kids are. Adding this type of information helps when it comes to matching you up with other moms. By adding the age of your kids Peanut can set you up with moms with children of similar ages.

You can use badges to describe your personality. Badges include Sleep Deprived, Mom Boss, Geek Chic, Fashion Killa and more, adding a fun element to the app. There are also badges for moms who are into books, fitness, have special children, single moms and so on.

If you want to make friends with someone, just swipe up or wave. If the mom waves back she will appear in the app’s match list and you can start messaging one another. Just swipe down if you don’t think the pick is a right match right now. Peanut also allows you to change the answer in case you make a mistake.

Once you’ve created a group you can set up a group chat or even meet in person. So if you want to find moms close by, Peanuts is an app you will want to try.

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