Marian Mereba: Room For Living EP

Simple and stripped down, Room For Living EP is a refreshing record. Thanks to its honesty and rawness, Marian Mereba manages to communicate what's most important when it comes to her sound: her voice and music. Newcomer Marian Mereba is an Atlanta-based singer that has taken the underground Atlanta scene by storm. Ask around several of the local artists and they've probably worked with her or know about her. Marian is an independent artist who relies on word of mouth to spread the word about her sound. Room For Living EP is her debut EP and comes with 10 tracks all released in February 2013.

The Laureates: Spells

The Laureates began cultivating their sound as far back as 2005. Vocalist Chad Preston initially compiled a set of tracks for his lo-fi album but knew that it's more fun to have other people join him. By the time they released their self-titled EP, the now quartet have found a good sound. So far, they've released several singles and mini compilations while continuing to dazzle in their indie rock garage sound.

Broke For Free: Broken Remixes Vol1

There’s nothing broken about this set of releases at all. Broken Remixes Vol. 1 by Broke For Free is a cool, acoustic style remixed set that features the musician’s favorite tracks. It is redone according to the artists’ style and serves as a tribute to the original musicians.

The Cosmos Kids: Volume One

Heavily influenced by the classics, expect to get some lo-fi psychedelic pop rock from this little compilation. Volume One comes complete with upbeat dirty strumming, fun singing and handclaps. The threepiece is made up of Mike Kmiec on guitar/vocals/bass; Matt Eisle on vocals; and Tim Fassnacht on drums. The Kinks, The Walkmen, Bob Dylan and John Lennon count as among their diverse influences.

ANTHM: Joy & Pain

German-born rapper and singer, ANTHM is out with his latest effort, Joy & Pain. Right from his humble beginnings to where he is right now, he’s always had his music front and center. This is a debut compilation for the artist. He made his first appearance by collaborating with Blu in Polaris (the track is featured here as well.) Although it had its shortcomings, there was something special about ANTHM.

Grimes: Geidi Primes

By now, plenty of people have caught the Grimes bug. This Canadian music maker didn't expect her first album to become so successful but it was and it was even critically praised by several music reviewers for its eccentricity and originality. Geidi Primes was released last 2010 and contains 11 tracks that range from folkish electro dub to just an overall weird soundscape. Majority of the tracks on the album including the title itself are based on Frank Herbert's best selling science fiction novel, Dune. Expect to find references at every turn as you listen to the record. It takes you on a mystical journey that transcends and pulls you out of Earth and into a beautiful world few would ever experience.

Schizo’d Bass: Free Juke Box

Armed with an upright bass, Vincent Guerin turns up and creates unexpected, monstrous sounds. Most musicians who use the classical bass often let the tone and make of the instrument take center stage. However, with Schizo'd Bass, the instrument is subjected to different electrical devices that transform its already huge sound into something deep, mystical and at times terrifying noise. Weird and eclectic, the sound this monstrous bass creates isn't for everyone but it definitely shows the power of the age-old instrument in the hands of its master.

A.D.D: Just Wait For It…

A.D.D. is an NYC duo of Amiel Cruz aka Twist and Ben Santiago aka Bennie Black, they've compiled a set of tracks that exude fun and engaging hip hop music. A.D.D. is actually an acronym for “A Dynamic Duo.” They’re fairly new in the scene, having just formed back in 2011. According to their mini bio, they’re not looking to get a record deal, they just want a “team of believers” for their music. Just Wait For It... is an independently produced compilation from the duo. The mini album features 8 cuts that range from pure hip hop rap to touches of pop and R&B.

Beats Antique: Collide

Collide by Beats Antique might be several years old but it has aged beautifully. The album combines a fusion of electronica with world beats created by two formidable artists. It's then topped off by the hypnotizing moves of belly dancer, Zoe Jakes. The main maestros behind this eclectic sound includes, David Satori and Tommy Cappel. Both artists come together from a host of different backgrounds, having performed at their own respective bands and and musical outfits. Together with Zoe Jake, Beats Antique creates an explosive fusion of Western hip hop style beats laced with an undeniable exotic flair.