Alternative Rock

(Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam)


Mae: The Everglow 10th Anniversary Tour Sampler

Dave Elkins, Mae’s frontman was in town to promote his side project, Schematics. We were at a bar sponsored by the same guys who were producing Elkins’ show. A friend who organized that night’s gig whispered to me excitedly, “Dave Elkins is coming!” But when he said this, we were just thinking that he’d be in the venue and not actually play. And suddenly there he was, red-faced from the heat and rum coke he was drinking, lurking at the back, nodding his head to the local bands that were playing.

PIAS America: 2014 [PIAS] America Label Sampler

Enjoy some fresh tunes from independent recording label [PIAS], who shares with us alternative indie tracks from its line-up of artists such as Pixies, Basement Jaxx, Agnes Obel, Dry The River and oher artists that they have worked with in the past years. The 10-track 2014 label sampler kicks off with Gethsemane‘s Dry The River. This folk rock ensemble features soothing male vocals caressed by slow-phasing rock strings.

Lauren Hoffman: Becoming the Secret Storm

Alternative rock songstress, Lauren Hoffman, puts together a stellar collection of her old and new tracks before she changes her screen name to The Secret Storm. In Becoming the Secret Storm, Lauren treats us with eight impeccable pieces that channels back the ’90s fashion of grungy guitars and female confessionals.
Major Major

Major Major: Major Major  

Anthemic bravado sampled with creative melodies define Major Major’s sound—a formula reminiscent of Muse’s lovably unlovable music and Radiohead’s self-loathing. Still, as an indie act that covers thumping beats and striking guitar riffs, it’s an album that will strike a chord with the pop/rock set, despite the minimal variation in terms of theme or mood with each song.