(Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Jeff Beck)

Kyd Dynomyte: Free Lunch

Here’s something for everyone: an R&B record without the vocals. That sounds just about right. Nashville native Antjuan Johnson, more popularly known as ‘Kyd Dynomyte’, looks like he’s setting his sights on producing (you know, Timbaland-ish or with the way things are going.

Germany Germany: Star System

Calling all lo-fi electro pop lovers out there! Germany Germany‘s Star System is your next stop on your psychedelic journey. This EP released last July 2013 showcases nine impeccably good futurepop tracks to get your groove on. Germany Germany is Drew Harris, an electronic-artist-come-software-angineer from Victoria, Canada.

Psymun: heartsick

Sometimes, all we need is a chill mood setter to go with those introspective moments. The enigmatic Psymun‘s the guy for the job. At only 21 years old “who smokes crack everyday”, he’s definitely on a creative high (got the pun?) as his sixth EP just rolled out last December.

The Human Experience: Inaudible Sounds

If you’ve never heard of a thing such as “inaudible sounds”, then you might have been barking up the wrong tree, all these years. Despite the paradox that it presents, David Block’s project, The Human Experience, offers plenty of these. He musters his skills as a live electronic composer, multi-instrumentalist, and a producer to create a cross-genre instrumental collection for all of us to revel in.

The Marv: Malayalam Beats Vol. 1

Craving for a new sound? Try to take a bite from Malayalam Beats vol. 1 and get ready to experience an eargasmic album bursting with flavor. This seven-track collection is The Marv‘s debut EP that pays tribute to her French-Lankan origins. Selecting samples from Malayalam movie songs, The Marv has constructed a connecting bridge between traditional and modern.

Al Patron: Short Cuts

Shout out to the 90′s kids and experience a well-loved era in Al Patron‘s Short Cuts. Released under HW&W Recordings, the album is a compilation of eight “feel good” beats perfect for steady driving. It serves as a teaser to Al Patron’s full length album, which will be available in December.

Doctor Zoots: Dirty Work

Doctor Zoots presents his involvement toward a rising catalog of releases to come from the Antisocial Music label. Dirty Work is ironically one of those flawless and unified hip-hop album that the music industry has ever heard.

ProleteR: Feeding the Lions EP

There’s a new player in the hip hop arena and it sounds like he got what it takes to blow your mind. Judging from the standout cover art to the nine tracks of the collection, ProleteR‘s latest EP Feeding the Lions will not disappoint old and new followers. His blend of French dub step, hip hop, and vintage jazz creates a fresh approach to old favorites.