Kevin Burdick: In Your Cocoon

American singer/songwriter and pianist, Kevin Burdick creates contemporary piano rock ballads that's both soothing and relaxing. Currently based in Utah, the singer has had 5 releases under his name. Among his albums is this 4-track compilation, In Your Cocoon. It's a few years old but it's a great record to have if you want to dip your toes into the artists' sound. Sounding off a bit of Billy Joel and Elton John, Kevin Burdick is steadily making his name known worldwide. He's performed in various key cities as well as arena sized crowds; delighting the audience with his soulful ballads while adding a sweet touch of rock.
summerays (200 x 200)

Summerays: Daydream EP

If you want something to make you feel good throughout the day, then the Summerays might just do the trick. Daydream EP is a fun, indie pop compilation that conjures up images of relaxation at the beach and soaking up the sun. The band describes their sound as surfer rock and certainly the songs they have are perfect for beach bumming days with friends and family. The EP comes with 5 simple but catchy tracks. Summerays is actually a duo made up of Luke Teeters and Josh Bodnar. Together they make music in their own little haven in Cleveland, OH.

Wordsmith: Prelude To The King

Practically a regular here in the Frostclick blog, Wordsmith returns with a brand new Mixtape, Prelude To the King. True to form, the album is a great display of smooth beats, catchy rhythm, as well as awesome mic skills from Word and crew. There's really no need to argue whether this mixtape is worth your time. Pretty much anything Wordsmith has released has always held the bar high enough to warrant a listen and eventually a download. Prelude To The King is no different of course, marching in with 15 tracks that bob and sway with beats worthy of welcoming any hip hop royalty.
adam stern music mondays

Adam Stern: Music Mondays

Adam Stern packages his goods in a tight, fresh set. Released last February 2011, Music Mondays offers nine pop-infused tracks that'll surely melt your ears with delight. Commonly referred as "The Dreamer Child", Adam is a popular Los Angeles based singer/songwriter that muses on love, heartbreak, war, peace and coexistence. Stern's music was greatly influenced by his childhood in Berkeley, CA , while devouring to the albums of The Beatles, Bob Marley and Michael Jackson. Since 2009, he had independently released 40 tracks including two full-length albums.
debbie (200 x 200)

Debbie Neigher: Debbie Neigher

Before you dismiss Debbie Neigher as just another wannabe Tori Amos with her piano playing skills and vocals; there's actually more to her than that. Neigher is a classically trained pianist and songwriter. This is a debut record for the artist and it's proving quite intense and personal. In it, she tackles various topics in her songs ranging from sexual assault to musings about what happened to her best friend. It's these lyrics plus the wonderful delivery that makes her sound more intriguing and worth checking.
bad lamps

Bad Lamps: Soultronic EP

Bad Lamps opens its box of tricks in Soultronic EP, a double-decker treat for all the music lovers. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, the duo consisting of Patrick Martinez (Guitar/ Vocals) and George Russell (Drum Machine/Synth) started as workmates who played music after office hours. Their new album is loaded with four well-written tracks that plays along dance, pop and indie music.
dempsey cover art

Dempsey: Dempsey

Hop on the time machine with Dempsey’s new self-titled EP. The California-raised duo of Niels Pederson and Adam Abilgaard offers Dempsey, a collection of six dreampop tracks released last September 15. This set will surely give you that 80’s electro pastiche vibe. Bass riffs and heavy beats drop in Late Night taking you back to the glam, glittery disco fever. The album makes an emotional turn in Flashback. Prepare for a nostalgic high with its breathy vocals and strong lines such as “I’ll never forget you”.
Iyadede - -The Demo- - 00 Front

Iyadede: The Demo

Iyadede has the right ingredients to put up the perfect musical recipe. With twelve eclectic songs produced by Abdul and Bless, The Demo delivers a breath of fresh air to the music scene. Born by the name Sabrina Iyadede, the singer/songwriter was raised in Kigali, Rwanda but later moved to Belgium due to the genocide escalation. She then transfered to Brooklyn, New York where she's currently residing. These life experiences shaped the tracks in this set. The singer's soulful voice set the album in motion in Not the Same, a love song accompanied with a funky strum, eighties sounding synths and a bass groove.
boy things (200 x 200)

Boy Things: Boy Things EP

Boy Things is a five piece crew from Hackettstown, NJ. Their brand of music is overall indie, but there's also a whole lot of interesting little bits added in there that help keep everything intriguing. This self-titled EP is the first for the group. It was released on their BandCamp page just last October 2o11 and contains 6 tracks that are mostly perfect for late night rock parties and dancing. Made up of Beth Hansen (vocals,) Adam Cumiskey (guitar,) Vince Rickey(bass,) Eric Dryburgh (drums) and Robert Aldo Blake (synth;) the band clearly has something up their sleeve that's worthy of a listen.