lost cosmonaut (200 x 200)

Superpoze: Lost Cosmonaut

Looking to try out some instrumental electronic rap hip hop? Give Lost Cosmonaut a listen and you'll find a whole new world of hip hop. This 12 track downtempo beat fest was created by Superpoze; a self described "beatmaker from Caen, France." He first debuted in the music scene with his EP record, Snowpixel and soon after, he went straight on to create this compilation. The artist mixes downtempo hip hop with catchy rhythms and great sampling. It's this skillful mixing and form that gives the tracks on Lost Cosmonaut that extra sense of personality. Definitely something that should be worth listening.
Chris Koza_Drak, Delirious Morning

Chris Koza: The Dark, Delirious Morning

Chris Koza’s The Dark, Delirious Morning should be what the sea is to summer, or flowers are to spring: a landmark release. Based in Minneapolis, Chris Koza is an enviable singer/songwriter with three albums that never turned mediocre. Either a solo artist, a duo with longtime guitar player Peter Sieve, or with his band Rogue Valley (which had its own special appearance on FrostClick), Koza steps into the spotlight fully-loaded with precise craftsmanship and talent.

The Juliets: The Juliets

Led by Jeremy Freer who plays piano and guitar, The Juliets are a mix of chamber pop and brit pop with a good dose of soul. Their self titled debut features beautiful string work by Sarah Myers (violins) and Kaylan Mitchell (Cello). The combination of Jeremy's piano and vocals with the strings makes for a sweet pop music that will make you want to dance. The production is tight but there isn't a lot of noodling with the sound. You can hear the waver of the strings and the vocals are left pretty natural.� The Juliets call Ypsilanti MI. their home.
dont believe the hype (200 x 200)

Sostanze Records: Don’t Believe The Hype Pt. 2

Back with a great collection of music in tow, Sostanze Records is releasing their big follow up to their successful compilation album, Don't Believe The Hype. Don't Believe The Hype Pt. 2 contains the same energy and great selection of tracks like its successful predecessor. Sostanze Records is an online netlabel that specializes in giving electro drum and bass/visual artists a chance to share their work. Everything they do is under a Creative Commons license and offered for free download.

Reality Suite: Avoiding the Red Lights

Just when you think you've heard the best, Reality Suite’s Avoiding the Red Lights comes along to remind you that good music doesn’t have any limits. Hailing from New Jersey, Reality Suite is composed of long-time musicians Miriam Pinedo (Vocals), Joe Padula (Guitars), Brian King (Drums/Synths), and Antonio Valenti (Bass/ Vocals). The four-piece super group describes their music as a fusion of classic rock and modern dance. Released last April, their second musical project Avoiding the Red Lights, offers sumptuous alternative rock and party tracks.
tiny danza you could have it all...

Tiny Danza: You Could Have It All…

It's not an understatement to call Tiny Danza's You Could Have it All... one of the most accessible and vibrant hip-hop album I've encountered in years. Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, this six-year old group traverses a variety of genres from hip-hop, dance to r&b. With musical influences like The Roots, Led Zeppelin, Donny Hathaway, Michael Jackson and The Beatles, it's not a surprise that the group's new album is a plethora of polished tunes and potent lyricism.
mjmj (200 x 200)

MJMJ Records: Back in Bizniss

MJMJ Records is a small "cassette label" that love to deliver eclectic, home spun music to their audience. The label is made up of friends Andy and Charlie. Both are currently based in LA and building up the record from scratch after suffering through some setbacks. Back in Bizniss, as the title implies, is a celebratory compilation of sorts. After a near shutdown, MJMJ (Two Michael Jordans) is moving forward and continuing their foray into the indie music world by creating a great compilation. It's filled with music from various indie bands and musicians that are worth checking out.
family bands (200 x 200)

Diner House: Selections from the Diner House Family Bands

Not much is offered online about this project except for the fact that it's the first installation in a compilation and features some really beautiful songs from talented artists. Composed of 10 selections from amazing artists, Selections from the Diner House Family Bands, is a tasty sandwich of punk, alternative, folk, and acoustic that offer up a real treat. It offers music from bands such as Wood Spider, Whale, Whale, Whale, Michael Ditrio, Hyena, and The Rotten Jazz Quartet among many others.
sleepium (200 x 200)

Karma Tree: Sleepium

Karma Tree mostly sounds like a Swedish version of Vampire Weekend. Although occasionally they venture out and mix alternative and sugar pop, it's hard to deny that the boys have a knack for the indie sound. Sleepium is the full length debut for the trio. It was recorded late 2009 and released the following year. Much of the songs on here showcase the band's penchant of mixing everything up, they can easily go from pop with bright twinkly guitars, to heavy metal sounding riffs and even boyband sounding beats.