Cambriana: House of Tolerance

Solid and flawless, House of Tolerance embodies why Cambriana is a band that slow rock lovers can depend to. Cambriana is Wassily Brasil, Luis Calil, Pedro Falcão, Heloísa Helena, Rafael Morisha, and Israel Santiago. House of Tolerance was started in pen by Luis Calil in late 2010. By March 2011, Wanderson Meireles joined him and contributed song ideas. Due to different geographical locations, much work was done via the Internet. The project was recorded in September in a home studio. By January 27, House of Tolerance was released boasting ten sonically diverse tracks. Currently, the band is planning on touring throughout the year.

Esco Williams: The INTROduction EP

Put aside your comic books as the Soul Powered Nerd Esco Williams comes with another mind-blowing musical offering. Featuring six tracks of unpretentious soul and r&b, The INTROduction EP is an ear-teaser for the artist’s upcoming album. Esco Williams is a vocalist/singer/songwriter whose presence is reminiscent of Cee-LO Green, Aloe Bacc, and Al Green, to name a few. This Liverpool geek is part of the Sense of Sound Choir. His songs have also played on BBC Radio 1xtra, FLAVA, and AKA TV. He has performed with hip-hop legend The RZA, DEAD PREZ, and toured with smooth jazz icon Brian Culbertson.

El Papado: Canciones de Amor y Derrota

Good music transcends all boundaries and El Papado proves that in Canciones de Amor y Derrota. El Papado started writing and playing the guitar at the age of 14. After a long period as a member and lyricist of heavy-rock group Akeron, he tried incorporating reggae into his musical brand. Released last July 2011 under Mésdemil, this eleven-track collection is a showcase of El Papado’s versatility and talent.

Cruiser: Cruiser EP

Don't you just love carefree beach music? Cruiser brings us closer to the waves and sand with its latest self-titled EP. Hailing from Philadelphia, Cruiser is a solo project of Andy States and was produced by States himself and Jeremy Park (producer of Lagoon�s The Year of Hibernation). Released last May 28, 2012, this collection offer six tracks that is certainly meant to make you feel good. The beat drops in The Fritz. Beachy guitars and ethereal vocals establish a strong sonic backbone for the whole album. This infectious track is certainly worth repeats.

Musical Mathematics: First Time’s a Charm

First Time's a Charm is a free compilation culled together by online indie music site/zine, Musical Mathematics. The site does reviews, features, promotions, and sells various music from up and coming indie rock bands. What started as a small little place for bringing and exposing indie music has grown into quite a collective. The site now boasts various writers, designers and contributors; helping share and bring internet fans a taste of indie music heaven. The site pretty much reviews and tackles different bands from different countries but they also strive to bring some of their local Leeds talents a chance to shine.

Raging Moses: Blue Sweats Red Dirt

If hip hop was all about raw talent, Raging Moses would definitely be in the spotlight many times over. Featuring solid rap skills, dope samples and beats that's incorporated with positive lyrics, it's hard not to find inspiration in his songs. Although not much is posted about the artist himself, in a way, you can take his music to speak for him. Blue Sweats Red Dirt is the second BandCamp release from the artist but it's the first one he's offering as a free download. His initial album, When Kings Go To War, is a full record that's offered for purchase on the page as well.

Magic City: Little Bits EP

Magic City is a lofi band from Chicago, Illinois. Don't mistake them for just another quiet indie folk band though, the group has something interesting up their sleeves. Little Bits EP contains songs that float and seem perfect as background music for your day to day life. Tackling topics like love, life and human nature, they compile 6 lovely tracks for you to download in this debut record. Released back in November 11, 2011, this short compilation contains some of the best dreamy pop you'll find for free online.

My Sad Captains: Resolutions EP

My Sad Captains is a four piece group from London whose music evokes thoughts of childish grins on carousel rides; teenage crushes and perfect morning soundtracks. Resolutions is the band's most recent EP. It contains 5 freshly recorded tracks and released by the band as a complement to their most recent record, Fight Less, Win More. This short compilation even includes one single from the album, Resolutions, and contains the same melody filled indie folk sound that allows the band to create a lasting impression.

Punk’s Undead: Volume 2

Sematary Records is serious about bringing back good old punk rock. Following their successful compilation, Punk's Undead Volume 1, this second album is their latest tribute to the raucous and defining genre. Composed of "25 instant classics from the Midwest;" the album compiles tunes from various punk rock bands both old and new. You'll find a handful of loud and energetic songs on here that'll keep you awake all through the night.