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Fifty Grand: Fifty Grand

Fifty Grand's music can be best described as experimental dark electronic drone. The person behind the sound is Emily Onofrio, aka Fifty Grand. This is one of several records Aural Sects has released for their 2012 roster. Auralsects is a netlabel that works with independent artists in different departments of electronic music, from "dance, electro, pop, ambient, witch, juke, noise and anything we find compelling," according to the collective.

Balthazar B and the Beatitudes: I am the Tide

A moniker for Paris-based folk songwriter, Balthazar B is Alex Dowding, alongside with the Beatitudes which is an ever changing, ramshackle collection of surrealists, doctors, geeks, religious scholars and of course, rock and roll enthusiasts. I am the Tide is a lo-fi collection of storytelling folk music. It is accompanied by a selection of musicians and also samples solo acoustic acts.

Actraiser: Phantomile EP

Actraiser's Phantomile EP is a resurrection of sorts for Cut Music. After taking a mini-hiatus, they're back with an explosive and equally catchy free EP for all of you electro ambient obsessives out there. Bristol-based producer Actraiser delivers an magnetic five track compilation that flourishes with mystical dubstep tracks while sticking to classic ambient rhythms and beats. This the first for the artist and as expected from previous Cut Music recordings; it's setting great groundwork for future releases.

Jonathan Dimmel: The Worst and the Best

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Jonathan Dimmel not only writes music for himself but also plays in the band Satellites and Sirens. So what does Jonathan Dimmel have that separates him from his fellow indie rock and rollers? His songs are heavily inspired by rotations on many contemporaries that helps fill the void in the indie rock genre.

Stik Figa: Best Of Stik Figa

If you've never heard of Stig Figa prior to this, then maybe it's time you get acquainted. Best of Stik Figa is an exciting mixtape collection compiled by the Kentucky rapper. Filled with catchy beats, great rap skills and backed up in production by the Mello Music Group, you're guaranteed a great listen with this one. The 10-track record contains only the best cuts done by the rapper since 2009 and currently offered for free download over at his BandCamp page.

Rufio: For Lights

Combining hip hop with his signature dub and synth style, Sacramento native, Rufio definitely delivers a different kind of vibe with his compilation. Better known as Ru [are you,] For Lights is the first compilation from the artist. It was initially conceived as a record that hopes to capture and explore the different facets of beauty in life. However, the album transformed over time and the artist decided to create it as a sort of story; "Almost like a soundtrack to a movie that hasnít been produced yet," he relates.

Nine Stories: Nine Stories LP

Nine Stories LP embraces pop acoustic music far more than most have ever dared. Being the brainchild of 80's born musician/composer Nacho Ruiz, the musical project is rooted in a pop acoustic sentimentality, but is certainly not limited by the form. By incorporating a plethora of instrumentations, Ruiz stretches his music in some very interesting directions.

Evan Shinn: Absence of Love

Immerse yourself with blissfull pop folktronica with Evan Shinn's Absence of Love. Released last 25 October 2011, the album showcase eight tracks that sports Shinn's musical mantra which is to write music for music's sake. Approaching with steady drum beats, Nothing To Fake welcomes the listener with nostalgic piano keys and an explosion of electro spurs and handclapping rhytms.

Fear Report: Pandemic

Judging from the bandís name itself, Fear Report, you could already get a glimpse of what kind of music they have to offer. Fear Report is honest, straightforward, emotional and most of all delivers a 90s rock feel that is rare in todayís scene and genre. Their unique sound comes mainly from their diverse musical influences. From post-hardcore to metal edge to grunge to indie and alternative, this is what Fear Report is. Your ordinary five man rock band but has always something new to bring to the table.