echoes deluxe (200 x 200)

Echoes de Luxe: Echoes de Luxe EP

This self-titled debut ep from Echoes de Luxe is filled with good surprises. It might be short, with only 5 tracks, but it beautifully showcases the band's range and musical style. The EP was released last 2009 and included a stellar mixer and producer in the person of Alex Newport and Pete Lyman, respectively. These two have worked with bands such as Jubilee, Mars Volta and Deathcab for Cutie. To top it off, the boys managed to secure airplay and performed live for Dave Navarro's radio show. Seems like a pretty good start for any band, right?
Wake Owl- wild country

Wake Owl: Wild Country EP

You wouldnt imagine that one album can make you feel so much. But Wake Owls Wild Country EP harnesses our deep emotions, growing them into a garden teeming with bittersweet symphonies. The Vancouver-based folk/rock collective is the creative brainchild of performer/songwriter Colyn Cameron. Written for over seven months and released last November 2011, this five-track EP has already made its own buzz in the indie scene.
laventura (200 x 200)

L’Avventura: Your Star Was Shining

Formed in 2005, L'Avventura is a San-Francisco based band made up of Jeff Davis (vocals, guitar), Fergus Griffin (guitar, vocals), Aldo Silver (bass guitar, vocals), Stevie Utstein (cello, keyboards, vocals), Art McConnell(Drums), Shaina Evoniuk (violin, vocals), and Helen Aki (guitar, vocals). This 7-piece crew create a unique pop rock, alternative indie sound with emphasis on good songwriting and classic structures. Drawing influences from a diverse group of musicians like T-Rex, Bob Dylan, and even Belle and Sebastian; the band's sound takes the shape of different genres. Despite this diversity, their sound is still worth grabbing and listening to.
the wrecking room (200 x 200)

The Wrecking Room:The Wrecking Room EP

For times when you want to cuddle back up in bed on a rainy, gloomy day; you can count on The Wrecking Room to help add to the beautiful mood. The Wrecking Room is a 7-piece crew from Sydney, Australia. This self-titled short EP was released on BandCamp last October 2011 and comes with 4 simple folk acoustic tracks fit for a laid-back day. Combining some melodic singing with skillfully played guitars; the album explodes with passion, rich arrangements and stories about life.
Seann Scene

Seann Scene: One on One

Theres a new kid on the hip hop block and it looks like hes ready to fly high. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Sean Lovins a.k.a Seann Scene is not your ordinary boy next door musician. He began rapping at the age of thirteen with different styles ranging from underground, east coast, and pop rap. After his three and a half years in the army, he returns to Florida to follow his dreams in the hip hop world. His latest album, One on One, is a collection of seven tracks that will shift your mind in fifth gear.

The Suits: The Suits EP

Dont you just love feel-good music? The Suits self-entitled EP offers superb pieces that are ripe for your distinct musical palette. Formed in 2011 at Fordham University, The Suits is a New York based band composed of Mike Sanz (producer/drum machine), Ian Grotto (bass/instrumentalist), Eric Grossman (lead guitar/instrumentalist), and Eddie Gore (lead singer/keyboardist). Their music can be described as a fusion of indie, rock, alternative, jazz, and hip hop compositions. Released last April 22, 2012, their new EP serves seven tasteful tracks that are fresh from the oven.