Kim Boekbinder: The Impossible Girl

Listening to Kim Boekbinder reminds me of a young Kate Bush - playful and electrifying. A performer, composer, musician and visual artist rolled into one, the Canadian-born singer lives up to the title of her full-debut album Impossible Girl. Released last December 2010, the 17-track collection had already garnered prominence among famous music fans including Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman and Rosanne Cash, to name a few.
totte (200 x 200)

TOTTE: Spending My Days EP (Cut Music)

Time and time again Cut Music has proven that if you ever need a fix for some ambient electronic dub compilation, they're the place to visit. One of their latest offerings is this three song piece from Swedish producer, Totte Stankovich or simply Totte. Spending My Days EP provides a solid soundtrack for those chill out summer nights where you'd want to relax and party all night long. He's included three of his personal favorite tracks to share with his fans in this compilation.
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Cold Blue Kid: Mimic

Six-piece group, Cold Blue Kid is back with a whole new release. Mimic delivers 6 tracks bobbing between indie folk to alternative. Occasionally, they create a cloud of shoegaze over their tracks which makes for an interesting and unconventional indie pop sound. The Chicago crew is made up of Alex Longoria, Evan Holmes, Andrew Sole, Sarah Gallagher, Aaron Apter, and Bryna. The group have been playing shows in the Chicago area since January 2011 and so far they've released two compilations apart from this, Cold Blue Kid Demo and 05.06. 12 @Subterranean.
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Realysm: The Art of SirRealysm EP

Creating and sharing personal thoughts and ideas through rap and hip hop isn't anything new, but there are those that do it in a more positive light than others. Shawn Kristopher Savage, aka, Realysm is one of the few who rappers who stand proud with this sound. Signed on to Ego Free Productions, owned by Frostclick featured artist John Graham; The Art of SirRealysm is an interesting record that beams with all of the classic hip hop touches along with new flair from this Philly artist.
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Kimiko Ishizaka: The Open Goldberg Variations

Occasionally, it's good to get away from all the trappings of pop and modern music to indulge yourself in some good old classical tunes. Luckily, there's not a shortage of talented musicians and instrumentalist willing to take on the work of the masters. Kimiko Ishizaka is breathing a new life to some of Bach's greatest work in this great instrumental compilation. The Goldberg Variations is a Kickstarter funded work, which aims to record and recapture the Bach's famous 1741 composition. The album is produced by Anne-Marie Sylvestre and licensed under a Creative Commons License.
Shaking Through_various artists

Shaking Through: Selected Tracks Vol 1 & 2

When emerging indie artists collaborate into a pristine musical project, you can only expect nothing but the best. Produced by Weathervane Music and WXPN in Philadephia, Shaking Through: Selected Tracks Volumes 1 & 2 is part of a documentary series that shows the birth song of 10 indie bands each year. This particular album is a selection from well loved tracks from the first two installments.
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I Used To Be A Sparrow: Luke

There's actually two people behind this dreamy electro indie pop number; I Used To Be A Sparrow is composed of Dick Pettersson and Andrea Caccese. Luke is an 11-track compilation that combines pop, alternative and a bit of indie all into one enjoyable fusion of sound. Even though "dreamy indie pop" tags are a dime a dozen these days, there are the occasional exceptions. This album is one of them. Released just last February 2012, this one is a great keeper, whether you love all out dance pop or slow acoustic tracks.
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Black Mask: Us and Them

It's rare to find good quality music being offered for free online but when you do find them, you're rewarded with a new artist to love and great new music to enjoy. Us and Them is an indie hip hop album that's a good find. It was recorded and released by a group of friends who call themselves Black Mask. Originally made up of Maulskull, America Smith, B-Nuggs, INfluence, Noby One, Joe Kirschner, Dean Wakerlin, Dustin Thompkins and Milton Minasko; the crew has downsized to a six piece from a nine. Despite the dwindling number, they still churn out music that's worth grazing your ears.
lost at sea (200 x 200)

Splitter: Lost At Sea

Releasing their latest effort, Lost at Sea; it seems Splitter has picked a rather appropriate title for their latest record. Fusing electronic and dance music, with a healthy dose of catchy beats; this is an album that's worthy as a soundtrack to a chill night out with friends or if you simply feel like peering out of the world's kaleidoscope and getting lost in it. This is the third record for the band. It was released in August 2011 and offered with a name-your-price option over at BandCamp.