Wood Spider: Tending Fires

Tending Fires is a simple but engaging compilation that's filled with lo-fi acoustic recordings from a four piece crew that call themselves, Wood Spider. Playing a host of acoustic, punk, freak folk, the album is perfect for those midnight campfires in the middle of nowhere and moon-filled camp reveries with the guitar and friends. Their sound brings to mind Gogol Bordello with the wailing/screaming vocals of Max Bemis of Say Anything. This is actually a split EP with Niko and the Juggler Meadow Family Band. It's a little over a year old and licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Hudson: Eastward

Eastward by Hudson is just the right music you need after going through a barrage of parties & other fast paced craziness thanks to the Holidays. Contained within the compilation is some of the finest and most melodic pieces you'll hear. The band is made up of duo, John Boswell and Will Crowle. With a sound that resembles a sweet and comforting pat on the back, the songs on the record tell the story of a man who goes on a journey to rescue his brother from captivity.

Thula Borah: Live Secretly

After releasing their highly acclaimed debut album, Mind River Matter; Thula Borah brings in another anticipated EP in, Live Secretly. This Glasgow quartet is made up of trio, Lloyd, Matt and Kev. Building up a post rock, melancholic sound, the boys capture a quiet uneasiness in their songs that would make you feel as if you're deep down an empty well looking up. Despite being low key, the band's songs have received airplay from BBC One, Radio North Angus and Amazing Radio to name a few.

Deadwall: Four Songs

Despite having formed just a year ago, Deadwall is already winning great feedback for their sound. They're a UK, Leeds band that formed in early 2011. Their sound is familiar yet distinctive in their own right. The five-piece crew is made up of Thomas Gourley - vocals & guitars, Christopher Duffin - keyboards, Rob Simpson - guitars, Tom McCartney - bass & Guy Raimes - drums & percussion. After generating a string of successful shows, the boys managed to snag a sold out gig at the famed Leeds' 360 Club.

Mouth’s Cradle: Clark Kent

As if prophesying their own big break, The Next Big Thing became an instant hit for cheeky electro/hip hop and pop duo, Mouth's Cradle. (The boys have easily hit the 100k mark at the Frostclick blog alone. ) They're now back with a brand new record, bringing in tow their brand of lighthearted, sonically arresting and vocally invigorating sound. Composed of Syracuse grads, Kevin "Mouf" Moufadus and Brandon "Master Rogers" Linn; Mouth's Cradle carefully weaves the threads of art and pop as well as hip hop and dance.

Superpoze: The Iceland Sound EP

Twenty year old French instrumentalist, Superpoze is making his second appearance here in the Frostclick blog. His previous album, Lost Cosmonaut, introduced us to his brand of downtempo hip hop inspired tracks. The Iceland Sound EP is his latest effort and it's as exciting as his previous releases. His resident sound is still present. Although this time, he incorporates a more laid-back, chillout style that's both soothing as well as hypnotic.

Jay McCoy: Truth and Reality

Combining a smooth musical style along with gorgeous vocals, Jay McCoy's brand of music might seem like typical R&B but it's the same reason why it's so likable. This young and up-and-coming singer knows how to create the right hooks and grooves; making her songs stick to you with ease. Truth and Reality was released last August 2011. It's her second full length record and showcases some really catchy tracks that should please any R&B fan.

Brixton Robbers: Rocks & Cranes

The Brixton Robbers are an energetic punk ska band from Quebec,Canada. Adding a whole lot of rock attitude to their resident sound, the group comes in loud and proud; churning in one energetic performance after another. Rocks & Crane is the band's first full album. It's a bit late as it was released back in 2009 and four years after the band initially got together. They weren't sitting idle in those four years though. The band in fact played more than 200 songs in between, apart from creating/recording tracks to be used in the record.