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Danny Sherwood: When My Ship Comes

With his melodic baritone voice and sweet piano playing, Danny Sherwood echoes the sultry and often somber mood of Morissey. Even the EP title sounds off a bit of melancholia from The Smiths. When My Ship Comes In is a lot like an afternoon lull after the heavy rain has passed. The short album only contains 5-tracks but the depth is beautiful and often mesmerizing. Already a songwriter at a young age, Sherwood shares intimate moments of self-reflection through his carefully written lyrics and catchy melodies.

Alex Stockley: Nearly Nineteen

Alex Stockley creates music that showcases a slice of life. His laid back acoustic pop rock is soothing and serves as great company for mellow days. Not much info is out there about the London singer but his music easily speaks for themselves. Filled with sweet acoustic cuts, his tracks carry great rhythm and wrapped gorgeously in the Englishman's great vocals. Nearly Nineteen is a set of 7 demo tracks recorded over the summer of 2012 and released at BandCamp on September of the same year.

The Black Sunn: Born Alone, Die Alone

Born Alone, Die Alone is a 2009 album from Florida-based rapper and musician, The Black Sunn. Produced by Mydus, the album contains 15 jammin' tracks that show off catchy beats and great lyrical poetry. According to the emcee, he wanted "to show the world that Baltimore has a voice thatís more than just drug dealing and murder..." He adds, "some people may not like that but Iím not one to hold back what I gotta say."

Battle Circus

Exploding performances and complex, ambitious arrangements pretty much describe Battle Circus. Originally from New Zealand, the band has relocated to the US in 2010 to focus in spreading their sound and touring the continent. No strangers to the festival circuit, the boys have also performed plenty of awesome sets in support of Amanda Palmer and Gary Numan. This self-titled record carries 10 progressive cuts including two remastered tracks from their debut EP, The Half Light Symphony.

The Wall & The Window: The Years EP

Like a soft whisper, The Wall & The Window have mastered the beauty of singing quiet and hushed up lullabies. According to the band, The Years EP takes you back to a time when a recording was meant as "an actual record of a moment in time, like a photograph in motion, framed for an instant within the borders of the picture." Fully done on a 4-track cassette, it has that lofi, yet polished and spontaneous feel. Behind this great folk EP are songwriters, Adam Mormolstein and Kristen Hotschlag.

Colours of Melancholia

Colours of Melancholia is the one-man project of Berlin based musician, Sebastian. It's an album that leaves you great window seats to the artist's sonic exploration. Initially influenced by heavy metal, rock and punk; Sebastian says he's always been fascinated in sampling as well as experimental types of production. This interest then led to this self-titled debut record. The compilation is a lush landscape of sound; showcasing great use of beats, samples and synths to create a pleasing album worth noting.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum – The Concert: Selections, Summer 2012

For all the classical music lovers out there, Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is offering a great number of free classical compilations/podcasts for you to enjoy. The Concert series features live recordings from both young and seasoned contemporary classical artists. Their latest offering are the Selections recorded for Summer 2012. It contains 18 tracks from a host of talented musicians, playing their own versions of some of your favorite classical pieces.

Pinegrove: Meridian

Ushering a flow of smooth indie teen pop that's accompanied by syncopated guitars and sprinkled with rock elements; Meridian is a record that easily creates a good impression. The group responsible for this sweet and melodic compilation is Brooklyn-based quartet, Pinegrove. Even if you might not like it straight away, it's an album that grows on you, slowly embedding itself as it hauls along its lush sound.

Metameta: Yonderosa

Metameta's latest musical project, Yonderosa, is a splendid wonder of alternative electro music spiced up with a bit of folk flair. Hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska, Evan Miles Anderson is the man behind the great music. With Nick Drake, Boards of Canada, Koanna Newsom, and Kelpe as influences, this 15-track album released last August 21 is a surefire hit Leonine openns up the album with a subtle electro tunes sailing smoothly in a soothing musical arrangement. This short "intro" for the album sets a calming mood for the collection.