corrigan94 (200 x 200)

Corrigan: ’94 and Before

Corrigan is a Brighton, UK based band that delivers a host of uptempo power pop tracks in the vein of bands like Boys Like Girls and The Getup Kids. The group does its best to deliver an enjoyable pop punk album that swirls with guitars, fast drumming, whiny singing and catchy melodies. '94 and Before is a set of 11 tracks released for free over at Death to False Hope Record. This is the debut record for the band and it looks like they have a bright future ahead of them.
balthazar b (200 x 200)

Balthazar B and the Beatitudes: Like Shrapnel

Balthazar B and the Beatitudes might seem like an odd name choice for a band but there's definitely nothing odd about their sound. Creating a beautiful mix of indie folk and rock, Balthazar B and his ever-revolving cast is bent on sharing their gorgeous melodic sound to anybody who wants to listen. The group was founded and fronted by Paris based musician, Baltazar B. To complete his sound, he enlists the help of friends from various walks of life, some of them doctors others "geeks and religious scholars." This helps create a fresh menagerie of sound that's a certain delight to listen to. Like Shrapnel is a short EP that was recorded in pockets of time between Paris and London.

Germany Germany: Last Summer

Falling largely within the pleasing electronic-chillwave framework, Germany Germany’s Last Summer is a fresh musical treat to the indie camp. Drew Harris, better known as Germany Germany is an independent musician from Victoria, Canada. Released last October 27, 2010, Last Summer offers eight tracks of perfectly enunciated music that encapsulates a nostalgic summer.

Green River Ordinace: GRO FREE Sampler

Green River Ordinance (GRO) looks like their ready to steer the wheel to stardom. The pop-rock group composed of John Jenkins, Jamey Ice, Joshua Wilkerson, Geoff Ice, Denton Hunker have greatly evolved from their childhood in Forth Worth, Texas to the release of their latest album Under Fire and their current North American tour. The seven-track GRO Free Sampler offers a sneak peak on the band’s pleasant offerings.
through the wire (200 x 200)

Attention: Through the Wire

Attention is a four piece crew from Minneapolis, MN. They describe their sound as "honest rock" and write "music about life-love-hope-dreams and what happens next..." Through the Wire is the group's recently released record. Even though it's two years old, the album is still exciting and great to listen to for any modern alternative powerpop fan. This is the third one for them, their first EP Stand Strong was released on winter 2007 and was followed up by Everything Takes Forever, in 2009.

Aucan: Black Rainbow Remixes

Making another big splash here on Frostclick, Aucan returns with a new and exciting free release. Their previous album, Black Rainbow, which was featured here on the blog has been received with arms wide open. To date, it has reached more than 100, 000 downloads (and still counting.) Aucan is a three piece, unconventional live electronics band that has been steadily gaining plenty of ground with their sound. Actually, it's not just their sound but also their live performances that have been generating quite a buzz. This latest release, Black Rainbow Remixes contains 11 remixed tracks; delivered fresh by the savvy trio and available for free in exchange for a tweet, a Facebook shout or your email address.
sweet empire (200 x 200)

Sweet Empire: This Season Needs Torches

Sweet Empire is a group that hasn't forgotten their punk rock roots. The band sounds like it would have felt comfortable during the 90s punk rock revival when the genre actually became popular again thanks to bands like The Offspring and Green Day. This Season Needs Torches is a 12-track album offered by the band at a name-your-price option. Packed with what is essentially all out punk, the record breezes through one loud, energetic track after another. A purely handmade, DIY record; the album has that freshly plucked punk sound that's both nostalgic and easily enjoyable.
opus orange (200 x 200)

Opus Orange: Reinventions EP

A short and sweet teaser EP, Reinventions contains only 4 tracks. Regardless, this is more than enough to make you want to find out more about the band. Opus Orange is actually a personal project by long time music mixer Paul Bessenbacher. It took him some time to finally release this short compilation as he focused on his main work of helping bands mix their own sound. Judging from the gems in this EP, he really should find more time recording and releasing his own material. Featuring beautiful indie folk pop, the EP is a real treat. It's upbeat, catchy and highly enjoyable.
pretty guts (200 x 200)

Pretty Guts: PG002

Formed back in May 2010, Pretty Guts is a London-based progressive rock band. Made up of "Word-smith Michael Triponel, Child guitar prodigy Tyrone Flavell, Ex-fashion model Richard Yong on Drums and Matthew Barton on Bass." Despite the hodge-podge background, together, the band creates their brand of indie progressive punk rock with some gusto. They take their influence from various genres of music, be it from soul, jazz, rock, hip hop and even the blues. It's this diversity in taste and influence that allows the band to create a familiar yet distinct sound that easily pleases their listeners.