St Ranger: Life Coach

After joining several bands on their own, former highschool mates Andy Phipps, Jake Ashton, Bruce Kimura, Jakeob Ewell and Jeff Taylor met up again and decided to create their own band, St Ranger. Echoing a beach rock vibe with beautiful harmonies, the band first got together back in 2010. Since then, they've released a two track compilation, Ohnowoe, and this short but charming EP, Life Coach.

One-Eyed Doll: Dirty

Recorded in vintage gear, One-Eye Doll's record, Dirty is as gritty, loud and special just like any vintage instrument. It's a loud and biting record that showcases frontwoman Kimberly Freeman's cold, at times sweet vocals. Doused in a gloomy, dark atmosphere, it brings solid metal, punk and even a bit of blues rock in tow. Thanks to this combination, the band expertly delivers tracks that are catchy, melodic and can easily grab your attention.

Aaron Kaufman: Origami

Aaron Kaufman returns on the FrostClick scene with Origami, a five-track album jam-packed with funky acoustic melodies. Unlike his previous album Hello, Dear EP which was also featured here, the 20-year old singer/songwriter from Houston gives us the same boy-next-door charm but with an edgier approach. With rock guitar play-ups and drum-induced arrangement, Kaufman unravels his musical maturity as he stretches out beyond conventional acoustic rhytms.

Cloudkicker: Beacons

Okay, Cloudkicker officially has my vote for being one of the sickest metal bands offering music for free online. Even more impressive perhaps is the fact that there's only one guy manning all the luscious mayhem you hear when you hit the play button. Ben Sharp, aka Cloudkicker, has been winning praises and reviews from artists and enthusiasts everywhere thanks to his consistent, enjoyable and innovative sound. Beacons is his second album and was released a couple of years ago in 2010. Featuring 10 loud instrumental progressive rock tracks, you'll find the record as a good distraction you'll want to entertain for a long time.

Poor Remy: Still Sleeping EP

When it comes to Poor Remy, you can expect to hear a lot of two things, harmonicas as well as harmonies. The trio of Adrian, Andrew and Kenneth fuse together a collection of folky instruments and gang vocals to create a frenetic yet surprisingly soothing energy in their music. Harnessing a beautiful folk and bluegrass sound, you'll get plenty of fun and unexpected rhythms on this short EP.

Slowdance: Light & Color EP

Ready for some explosive eletro pop? Slowdance's debut EP Light & Color is a mirror reflection of the group's hip and funky sensibility. Slowdance is a five-piece, Brooklyn-based band composed of Quay Quin-Settel (Vocals), Kyle McKeveny (Guitar), Thomas Quigley (Bass), Luke Fox (Synth), and Sam Koppelman (Drums). Released last September 21, 2011, the album offers four teasing tracks of energy filled pop tunes.

Kings of the City: A FrostWire Special

With the advent of bands combining elements from different genres such as the rock scene and the hip-hop culture, mixing up guitar riffs with mad beats and free flowing lyrics, Kings of the City does a great job in standing out from the crowd. This London-based seven man group blends blues, rock-n-roll, hip-hop and grime like no other. A diverse group as theirs will surely cater to audiences who like unique sounds and have eclectic musical taste.

Cult Classic Records Present: Friends and Family

One of the newest kids on the block, Cult Classic Record is an online netlabel that aims to share and promote new talent in the world of music. Mainly focusing on trip hop, jazz and ambient beats, the label has quite a few artists under their roster. Friends and Family is an attempt to compile some of the best tracks from these musicians, and showcase what they have to offer in just one place. It's offered absolutely free over BandCamp and is an awesome way to discover new artists in the genre.

Les Vinyl: Thinking Overthinking

Les Vinyl is a band you turn to for some fun alternative indie rock. Hailing from Staten Island, New York; the group likes to keep things simple with a traditional band setup. The quartet delivers a sound that's every part familiar indie rock yet with beautiful catchy hooks and a quirky touch. It's this mixture of simplicity and eccentricity that makes the band a worthy act to watch out for. ThinkingOverThinking is their latest effort and features music that's reminiscent of early Weezer (including the cheeky lyrics.)