Black City Lights: Parallels EP

Taking you on a universe of liquid dreams, Black City Lights' Parallels gives you a thick slice of ambient electro heaven. Hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, Black City Lights are Calum Robb and Julia Catherine Parr. Released last March 19 through Stars & Letters, the duo's debut EP offers six tracks of fresh ethereal tones.

Azoora: A Thousand Ways EP

Almost a year after John Purcell from Azoora recorded the very loved EP "Apart" together with sweet voiced Graciellita, a new jewel from the full band was released in collaboration with the label. Slightly moving away from trip-hop and their electronic sounds, this time around Azoora presents a darker, more indie, post-rock, psychedelic release. It's titled "A Thousand Ways EP" and, surpassing all expectations, it could just be the bands best work to date.

Vanisher: Unbound

Clearly a band that loves to play their music loud, Vanisher is a five-piece metal crew from Ridgeway, Virginia. Unbound is the band's 2012 debut release featuring their resident wailing vocals, double bass kick drums and some really sweet guitar riffs. Fans of the band since their first (and short) EP, Buried Alone, will certainly enjoy this one. Showcasing tighter performances and generally more polished tracks, it seems the band is poised to take their place in mainstream rock metal's history.

Streetlamp: Streetlamp EP

Streetlamp is an indie band from New York that gorgeously fuses rock, soul, blues and folk into their riveting sound. Spearheaded by, Kit Oh Kein!, singer, Ryan Milligan (check out their album here) Streetlamp has that distinct alt-country blues rock sound meshed with the gritty underground hipster scene. The EP contains 6 tracks recorded between October 2011 to April 2012 and currently offered as a free download over at BandCamp.

The Embracers: Tasteful Thickness Vol. 1

The Embracers is one of those bands that are likable because they have a sound that's so familiar. Despite belonging to a saturated genre, they manage to hold their own and deliver a record that capture a laid-back, lounging-on-the-couch-being-cool vibe. Tasteful Thicknes Vol. 1 is their latest online release. It's being offered as a free download over at BandCamp and serves as an awesome introduction for the band. Currently, the five-piece has been on the road and doing the rounds in festivals which is helping them gain and solidify a steady fanbase.

P.R: Introspection

Slowly but surely, Aussie producer/musician, Pedram Rouzbehani or better known as P.R, is paving his own little road in the music industry. Drawing inspiration from life and his cultural upbringing, he creates music that resonates with great hip hop and lounge beats. Introspection is his latest effort. Drumming together six relaxing and soothing instrumental tracks; the album is currently offered absolutely free over his BandCamp page and licensed under Creative Commons.

The Velvet Chameleon: Dandruff

Adarsh Fernando aka The Velvet Chameleon is certainly one talented guy. Inspired by musicians like Led Zeppelin and Radiohead; the guy knows how to create sonically entertaining tracks. Dandruff contains 4 tracks and belongs to the set of EPs the artist plans to release for 2011/2012. This might seem like a short album with only very few songs but there's no shortage in interesting and likable cuts on here. The EP is offered as a free download and licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Stomacher: Sentimental Education

Stomacher's Sentimental Education approaches like a storm in a clear skyline. Featuring ten tracks of ambient rock music, this collection harvest our emotions creating something that will sink deep in our cores. Hailing from San Francisco, CA, Stomacher is Jarrod, John, Jeff, Stephen, and Greg. They describe their music as a sound that's a bit of Radiohead, a little Interpol, and slightly reminiscent of Portishead, but still entirely and uniquely their own. Currently, their full-length album Clara has just been released last June 20.

Dumbfounded: Love Everyday EP

Dumbfoundead is back with Love Everyday, a heartwarming EP that provides year-round hiphop entertainment. After his collaboration with DJ Zo on Cut + Paste, Brian Lee a.k.a. Dumbfoundead graces us with seven tracks that mixes love with alternative hiphop. Released in time for the heartís month, the EP opens up with For You. The Los Angeles-based musician tells us his personal story of young love with steady beats and a funky rhythm.