versicolour (200 x 200)

Aidan Knight: Versicolour

Aidan Knight's music is like listening to a mash-up of Coldplay and Damien Rice. For a long while, the singer/songwriter has been contributing his skills to various bands, playing anything from bass to hardcore drums. For Versicolour though, he showcases a more laid-back acoustic indie folk side that is both soothing and melancholic. Accompanied with soft guitars and an equally emotional voice, the tracks are perfect for lazy afternoons, heartbreaks or just quiet moments where you feel like reminiscing about the many things in your life.
sunset bell

Chromatic Flights: Sunset Bell

Kyle Wyss' musical treat Chromatic Flights proves that it has a lot to offer. This solo project's 2009 release entitled Sunset Bell crafts six tasteful tracks that's too tempting to resist. The album opens up with two gems: Passagrille (an interplay of keys and grand harmonies) and Sunset Bell (an electronically-heavy track with an amazing texture). There's no denying in Wyss musical talent. He perfectly blended complex instrumentations, molding them into a unison of pure musical bliss.
mayon (200 x 200)

Mayon: So High/So Low

Listening to Mayon makes you want to grab a hammock, lie down and gently fall asleep to its beautiful folk sound. Unfortunately, there's hardly anything about the singer online. It's almost as if the only thing that represents her is her BandCamp page and that's it. Nevertheless, one listen to, So High/So Low, and all your stress seems to go away. Instantly you're transported to some vintage 60s/70s, hippie folk commune where you're invited to simply enjoy the sound.
telephone (200 x 200)

Mark.Nine: Bicycles

Containing a mix of flowy and sometimes gritty instrumental tracks, Bicycles is more of a metaphore for how these two wheeled contraptions allows us to travel and take us to places. Mark.Nine's sound is a lot like that. It's both soothing and disturbing (on occasion) compelling its listeners to seek what's beyond. There's a mix of uptempo rhythms, to ethereal sounding cuts; there are even slight dance tracks contained within some of the singles. Not much is available about the singer, even his Facebook info section only states that he's "a figment of your imagination." His sound is real though and it's quite worth taking a listen to.

The Specktators: The Sunroom

Brothers Patrick and Matt Duda are at it again, this time, they're serenading their listeners with their latest offering: The Sunroom. Thriving since 2009, the duo has released a couple of records prior to this. One of which, Familiar with Floss, was featured right here at the Frostclick blog some months ago. Expertly using samples while incorporating catchy beats and using clever rhymes; the album showcases what the brothers do best: create some fun lovin' music for anyone who knows how to have a great time.
the year million (200 x 200)

The Year Million: The Year Million

When it comes to alternative rock, the genre is often littered with bands that all sound the same. However, occasionally there are bands who up-the-anti and deviate from the usual mix to bring their own brand of sound; The Year Million seems poised to do this. This Boston-based band is made up of Scott House (vocals), Jason Calieri (guitar), John Salogiannis (bass), Rob Wu (drums), and Bjørn-Atle Reme (synth). Together, they play their own flavor of indie alternative rock. Creating subtle and enjoyable melodies that garner comparison to bands like Queens of the Stone Age.
Jeff Carl EP

Jeff Carl: EP

In Jeff Carl’s latest EP, the NY based singer/songwriter is in his honest, fun, live-in-the-moment attitude. Released last August 16, 2011 under Q Productions , this latest musical effort features five acoustic pop songs that are ready to hit the radio waves. Intro track I’ll Be Gone Tomorrrow is packed with just the right dose of sunshine to lift the gloomy days ahead. Jeff’s radio-polished vocals is a treat to the ears.
summer kids (200 x 200)

KIDS: Summer Frights EP

Assuming that most readers here are music lovers, then at some point you must have started, dabbled or thought about starting your own band. Some make it, a few start and soon after lose interest, while others actually become good at what they do and stick around a bit. Summer Frights from KIDS is one band that has stuck around. All of the members are under 20 and even though there's still room for growth; there's already plenty potential brewing from their pot. The album contains fresh and unpretentious original tracks along with one very lovely cover of the Ronettes track, Be My Baby.
will stratton (200 x 200)

Will Stratton: Vile Bodies EP

Will Stratton is a folk singer and songwriter that's currently based in New Jersey. Creating beautiful sets of indie folk music, it's hard not to get lost in his sweet guitars and vocals. Stratton is no stranger in the music industry. He's released several records including his 2005 debut album, What The Night Said, which featured Sufjan Stevens on oboe. This was followed by 2009's No Wonder and a set of free, downloadable EP's including this one. Vile Bodies is an EP composed of 5 tracks and was released as a free download back in September 2009.