Mary Page: All Before the Head of State

New kids on the block Mary Page proves that natural talent is a key player in making it big. Repackaging happy things to sad pop songs, the three-piece band of Mary Page, Turner Stough and Tim McCoy emerged from the budding music scene of Brooklyn, New York. Their latest musical venture All Before the Head of State, is a buzz builder to the groups undeniable potential.

Radio Fallout: Mondegreen EP

Radio Fallout managed to achieve quite a feat considering they've only been in the industry more or less 5 years. In just two years since they formed in 2008, the group already managed to snag slots, performing in various prominent stages in and around Austin, Texas. The following months saw the trio of, Jonathan Palmer, Dan Walker and Caleb Scates, pursue their careers vigorously. By 2009, they recorded Mondegreen EP, which was self-produced by the boys along with Tim 'Tank' Casterline.

FrostClick: FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape Vol. 3

That's right! 2012 is over! We've had another amazing ride this year: we've reviewed a new free & legal album download for you every day [yes, weekends too!] and promoted 23 hand picked artists with our sister software FrostWire. With this FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape Volume 3 we would like to celebrate over 2,1 million free and legal downloads [and still counting!] generated only in 2012 by our promotions and the many additional ones that came from all FrostClick readers who fell in love with new artists found though our site.

Yellowbirddd: Missing

Liam McCormack is the man behind the ethereal indie folk outfit, Yellowbirddd. The moniker is a bit unusual but it does lend a nice touch to the sound that he creates. Armed with an acoustic guitar, a slight reverb and some endearingly sweet sound; Missing serves as a record to get lost into after a bad breakup or maybe if you simply need a breather from all the loud music . This is the third compilation from the Brooklyn, New York artist. His previous works include Random & Rare, Summer 2010 tour EP, and Hard Feelings which are all available as a free download over at his BandCamp page.

Unhappy Free Orc: Broken People EP

With a name like Unhappy Free Orc, you can expect something eclectic and different from this compilation. The band is the brainchild of Marlon Moilanen & Miro Palokallio, they are joined by a group of talented musicians that help create their distinct sound. Broken People EP is a 7-track compilation consisting of songs that didn't make it the group's previous releases. According to the band, they might be "leftovers" but they consider them as among some of their best work.

Grenadina: Pretend For Me

Grenadina is an all-girl rock band from the Kansas city area. Although they do have reservations about always being dubbed as an "all girl group," their sound more than makes up for all those doubters. Pretend For me is a gritty record that combines the band's favorite genres. It sifts through rock, metal, punk, alternative as well as indie; fusing them with listen-to-me lyrics and performed in a look-at-me-attitude. With their unconventional sound, the group definitely commands attention and subtly demands you listen to them.

Jacob Montague: On a Tightrope to the Sun

On a Tightrope to the Sun is a collection of tracks by singer/songwriter, Jacob Montague. The album contains mostly new originals from the singer and one track from his previous record, Fly On. Known for his spontaneous approach when it comes to recording and creating his sound; the album captures the quiet beauty of instruments while encapsulating beautiful melodies that's present in Jacob's sound. Like his previous album, this one is offered at a name-your-price option over at his BandCamp page.

Phototaxis: Pretty Ugly

Phototaxis is a special band that's made primarily of Yael Feldinger (lead vocalist and singer;) as well as Itay Tsuk (composer, arranger and pianist.) They're joined together by the talented crew of Nir Blum, Roy Cheled, Yael Geva and Neta Cohen Shani. The band is only a couple of years old, but they seem poised for success; having their debut record come out to critical praise in their home country of Israel. Fusing a lush set of tracks that echo jazz, blues and a trip hop atmosphere; Pretty Ugly is a strong record that aims to please its listeners and does it successfully.

Devyn Rose: D.E.V.Y.N EP

Whipping out a fresh sound that’s equal parts sexy and catchy, newcomer Devyn Rose is looking to claim a piece of the R&B pop princess pie. From the sound of her debut record, this doesn’t seem far fetched. D.E.V.Y.N combines sultry dance club numbers along with some slow and beautiful tracks. And now we are more than excited to have her here with us over at FrostClick and FrostWire