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West the Defender: Don’t Tell My Girlfriend

A six man band which was formed three years back in the east coast state of New Jersey, West The Defender enjoys drawing up inspiration from band behemoths like The Beatles, The Eagles, Incubus, Weezer, and Fountains of Wayne. They’ve also had their share of live performance stints at some of the best stages in their area such as The Stone Pony and Asbury Convention Hall. You can expect the same amount of indie-pop-rock in their first full-length album Don’t Tell My Girlfriend.

Monk Turner: Kaleidoscope

Monk Turner's name might as well be synonymous with awesome, catchy and creative music. His exciting concept albums have always garnered a positive response. This time around, with friends in tow, his latest album Kaleidoscope, is looking to live up to expectation and deliver more. This is his 23rd concept album so far. Tackling on the rather serious subject of race and color; he collaborates with fellow musicians, poets, artists from different backgrounds, beliefs and culture. Together, they peel back the many layers of the subject while fusing it with catchy rhythm, heavenly sweet vocals and gorgeous beats.

Jeremy Clay Price: Acquired Taste EP

His first foray into recording and releasing an EP, Jeremy Clay Price's Acquired Taste EP is a collection of mellow tracks written over a span of 8 years. The album is a gorgeous collection of melodic pop rock cuts that represent a personal journey for the singer. Singing about his Christian faith and reflections on life, most of the cuts are quite expressive. It was recorded with a long time producer friend Toby Baxley and comes with 5 simple but heartwarming songs worth noting.

Sea Oleena: Sleeplessness

Released in September of 2011, Sleeplessness instantly brings to mind thoughts of calm and cheerful spring afternoons. Recorded by Canadian dream-folk singer, Sea Oleena; the album is what you'd hear in the background if you decided to go and soak up the sunshine in a day where everything seems destined to go right. This is the second compilation from the singer and like her debut self-titled record , this is also available at a pay-what-you-want option over at her BandCamp.

Toucan Music (Various Artists): Best Bytes Volume 1

Founded way back in 2004 and previously known as Frantik Music, Toucan Music came up with this nineteen track compilation that includes DJ-friendly singles from 2002 (to present) in a variety of dance genres such as house, breakbeat, hardcore, chillout, and trance. Hailing from United Kingdom, Toucan Music provides original high quality full-length tunes with a broad range of style. Another Boring Lunchtime makes its way to track number one. Produced and edited by Toucan Music’s main man Psychadelik Pedestrian, it showcases a number of piano and keyboard variations that can pump up and heighten the senses.

Hudson: Crimson

Well-loved band Hudson treats us again with a unique tale in Crimson. Hudson is the musical project of John Boswell and Will Crowley. The band specializes in concept albums with a folk rock aesthetic. Written and recorded within one week (April 1-9 2011), this genre-spanning album tells the story of a castaway who leads a rebellion against a tyrannical king. Layered earthly vocals welcomes the listeners in Belfry. Steady rhytmic beats dabbed with electric guitars establishes the setting of the story as well as the castaways' remote existence.

Geeter and Ritchcraft: Beyoutofull

Montgomery emcee, Geeter, and producer, Ritchcraft work together to create a powerful and "beyoutofull" record. Composed of 9 tracks, Beyoutofull is a flourishing collection of gorgeous and catchy beats. Geeter is an Alabama native. He grew up in what is considered as one of the worst neighborhoods in the area called King Hill and used his experiences to create lyrics for his music. On the other hand, Ritchcraft, is a Canadian producer/beatmaster that can pretty much create some seriously catchy piece for anyone to enjoy. Together, they create an album whose tracks would easily become a hit in your playlist.