fraser james (200 x 200)

Fraser James: Gone From Here

Creating beautiful acoustic indie pop, Fraser James, has a knack for capturing any listener's attention with only his guitar and sweet vocal chops. Gone From Here is a debut EP from the St. Albans singer. It delivers music that seems ideal company for cold afternoons with hot cocoa on hand while silently taking in the quiet day. You'll find 8-tracks in this compilation, all recorded between winter of 2010 to summer of 2011. Almost all of them were written by James except for Flume which is a Bon Iver cover.

Jared C. Balogh: Rhythms of Life

Get in touch with your senses as Jared C. Balogh’s Rhytms of Life take you on a transcendent journey of emotions and life experiences. Jared C. Balogh is a musician/composer from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He’s also a member of the American Composers Forum. He had released numerous albums and have already collaborated with artists like Lezet, Hal McGee, Kawol and The Merricks, to name a few.
montes rook (200 x 200)

Montes Rook: Patience

Mixing folk music with some enchanting vocals, Montes Rook is a cool little trio from Montgomery, NY. The band is made up of Drew Guido , Jean-Marie Dean, and Noah Meyer; the members aren't exactly new in the band scene. They've spent some time in various other bands before coming together to record this sweet compilation. Drew and Noah have been friends since they were young and have dabbled with different musical genres before settling with this indie acoustic piece. Afterwards, they finally drew the courage to ask Jean-Marie to sing for them. The result was this pleasing trio and their sound.
maximus york (200 x 200)

Maximus York: Freedomtown EP

Deep bass, wild party synths and smooth disco feel; this amazing compilation is courtesy of Los Angeles native, Santiago Calogero. Better known under the alias, Maximus York; Freedomtown EP is his latest release. It comes with four free tracks that you can download and check out. Combining a flurry of beats and some upbeat thumping bass, the songs seem perfectly destined for any hot nightspot where dancing is the main topic.
KON (200 x 200)

Kit Oh Nein!: KON!

Feel-good psych punk with a touch of indie rock is one way to describe Kit Oh Nein!'s music. The three piece band hails from Detroit/NYC and seems to know their way around the sound. Led by frontman Ryan Milligan from The Hotwalls, KON! (an acronym of the band's name) is the group's debut record. The album contains 10 tracks that run circles around punk, pop, and psychedelic indie rock. Enveloped in raw energy as well as a hazy indie rock club vibe, it's hard to believe the entire set of tracks were recorded in only 3 days. This is one of those debut albums worth checking out if you like dirty, cerebral indie punk rock.
swimming (200 x 200)

Swimming: EP

Like most bands, Swimming is a fusion of various musicians who belong from different bands. Regardless of their different projects, this 7-track EP still beams with beautiful cohesion. The band itself is made up of Brian Kupillas- Guitar, Vox , Max Glenn- Bass, Vox, Jared Hennessy- Guitar, Vox and Neil Lord- Drums. Mixing laid back, feel-good music with a surf rock vibe, you get an EP that radiates with great songs; perfect for times you want to hang out with friends and family and simply relax.

DJ Zo & Dumbfoundead: Cut + Paste

Quench that hip hop thirst with DJ Zo & Dumbfoundead’s latest musical project Cut + Paste. Hailing from Los Angeles, DJ Zo or Zo Manno and Brian Lee, better known as Dumbfoundead, offer six tracks of undenialble good music. Released last December 10 2010, this free mixtape shows the duo’s capability to take hip hop to a higher level. Opening track Zonin’ ignites the senses with a blend of free-style rapping and danceable beats. This strictly hip-hop piece features the right dose of rhytm that’s not too fast or slow.
bravestation (200 x 200)

Bravestation: EP

Even though new wave has somewhat taken its course, occasionally there are bands that transform this standard genre into something so much more. Bravestation is one of those bands. Taking the typical new wave/hipster sound and weaving it together with lush melodies and colorful instruments. The band is from Toronto and this EP serves as their debut compilation. It came out back in 2010 and has been praised for their distinctively likable sound.

Tanya T6: Pieces EP

Tanya T6 brings her music to a higher level in her latest EP’s official single Fly Away. Boasting an imperial command of R&B, the Mt. Vernon-raised singer/performer offers sweet, sensual, and strong music. At an early age, Tanya “T6” Dormevil have always known that she’ll be famous. Her first introduction to the entertainment world was as a model in national fashion shows. She began performing at fashion shows that lead her on the stage of well-known venues throughout CT and NY.