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(Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd)

Poppy No Good and the Phantom Band: Poppy No Good

Finding out more about this group is tough. For one, most of their descriptions are in French and I don't speak the language, but nevertheless, their music is interesting enough to merit a listen. Poppy No Good is an eclectic 5 piece crew that love to blend unusual instruments, vocal work and an overall weird alternative, pop rock vibe. This is the group's latest release and it's filled with psychedelic good vibes. The group's name was actually derived from a song by Terry Riley. This record was released back in 2008 yet it still sounds up to date, much like any current Brit indie rock group floating in Wonderland. Give these a listen.

Intercontinental Music Lab: IIML Goes to War

The Intercontinental Music Lab has finally come out with their latest effort. A compilation of 14 tracks that combine folk, pop, rock, alternative, jazz and everything in between. Intercontinental Music Lab Goes to War is the latest effort from this experimental group. Basically, the group/organization has been around since 2008 and has released five previous albums. Each record revolves around a theme or concept, which musicians or groups can pick a subject from and create music about. It's much more detailed than that of course, but the result is nevertheless, an epic collaboration between musicians and artists. This is one great record to have by your side whether you're heading out to war or not.

netBloc Volume 31: Goodbye, Hello

BlocSonic once again releases their infamous collection of lovely, free tracks that music lovers everywhere can enjoy. The label unleashes several compilations throughout the year. This includes, maxBlocs, which consist of promotional maxi singles; Originals; Extended Editions, Extras and netBlocs, like this one. This is the 31st netBloc from them so far. For compilations like these, they gather up about 10 or more indie artists from all over the world; offering a peek at the music they play in the album. It's definitely an awesome way of discovering potential new playlist staples. The record is available for free download under three formats, simply choose which one you most prefer and enjoy!

Single Bullet Theory: SBT: 1977-1980

Single Bullet Theory is the punk band that should have made it big. Initially founded by Frank Daniel, Dennis Madigan and Michael Maurice Garrett; the trio have been playing music together since 1971. After a couple of years and several members later, they settled with the name, Single Bullet Theory. They play anything from fast paced, chanty songs to melodic beautiful rock ballads but their sound is mostly characterized by pop punk beats. They got as far as opening for Patti Smith and signing a deal under CBS Records. They also managed to release singles and were received quite good by the people. Unfortunately, CBS pulled the plug for promoting the group and most of the material they had never saw the light of day. Thankfully for us, it gets a second chance as a free download under a creative commons license. Pure genius art rock if you ask me.

Shinobu: Strange Spring Air

Shinobu's Strange Spring Air is filled with tracks infused with a beautiful 90s feel. The alternative pop flavor of the album is refreshing especially for someone who grew up listening to 90s music. These California natives offer beautiful surf rock music that's intertwined with catchy hooks. All four members, "Matt Keegan: trombone, guitar, vocals, keyboards, aux percussion; Mike Huguenor: vocals, guitar, aux percussion; Bob Vielma: bass, vocals, probably aux percussion and Jon Fu: drums, wisdom, aux percussion, aux wisdom contributed to the making of the album."

Lying in States: The Bewildered Herd

After breaking out into the scene in 1999, Lying in States found themselves touring alongside other American indie bands like Hot Hot Heat, Rye Coalition and Denali to name a few. These Chicago natives initially released this EP, The Bewildered Herd, back in 2002. Followed by a full-length album in 2004, Most Every Night, and a second album in 2006 titled, Wildfire on the Lake. These two albums were released under local label, Flameshovel. The band is made up of Justin Trombly -bass, Fergus Kaiser - guitar, Ben Clarke - vocals, guitar, Mark Benson - drums and Jeremy Ohmes - keyboards. Not quite sure whether the group is still alive and kicking after 2006. Couldn't find anything pointing otherwise either. Oh well, one thing's for sure. If you love shoegazer indie rock, then this is a record worth checking out.

Shindig Records: Shindig 001

Shindig 001 is a 6 track collection from UK based indie netlabel, Shindig Records. This cool 6 track mini album runs for a little over 20 minutes and showcases the label's artists. Established just over a year ago, the label launched their roster on April 30th 2009. Their current lineup includes WeRunRiot, Neil Ward, and the Shakinouts. As expected, most of the tracks from this record revolve around indie Brit rock. Typical of the Kaiser Chiefs and even a touch of the Arctic Monkeys with acoustic pop influences. It's definitely easy listening music that borders on indie new wave. Something that you'd want to check out if you're planning to go ahead and celebrate a cool Saturday night hosting a cool little shindig at your place.

Shearer: Monument

The underrated pop-punk band, ‘Shearer’ have literally forged an album that is deserving of a Monumental status... Alright, this statement may be parabolic to an extent; nevertheless, ‘Monument’ is still exceedingly addictive and wholehearted. ‘Shearer’ have endowed this album with a sound comparable to that of pop-punk band, ‘The Lost Profits’ and this vibe is most observable in the similarities between vocalists and guitar tone. In saying this, ‘Monument’ demonstrates a happier mood and reflects the bands nature, in not taking themselves too seriously. This nature is further reinforced through their self-proclaimed influences of: ‘Jaegermeister, cheap polish cigarettes and table water’. Instrumentally, this band reminds me of ‘Millencolin’. Generally, this is due to a common use of cheeky, generic and ‘bouncy’ simplistic verses in which lead to texturally thick and climactic choruses. These are often fashioned through an extreme contrast in dynamics and an addition of harmonic and sometimes multiple backing vocals. Additionally, vocal lines in which intertwine with the dominant voiced melody are also regularly used to enhance this contrast.

The Beehive Spirit: The Beehive Spirit EP

If you're looking for a new garage band to love, then you might want to check out The Beehive Spirit. This cool and short EP is filled with jangly guitars, half wailing vocals and boppy beats that border on garage pop and indie hipster rock. This San Francisco band likes to play sunshine rock that's infused with psychedelic rock. Their self-titled EP includes 4 tracks that would surely please indie music fans everywhere. The EP took about a year in the making and the band collaborated with several artists in the process; most notably, Jeremy Black and Cochrane Miller.