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to leave a trace (200 x 200)

To Leave A Trace: Fight Your Evil Side

Just after a year of playing music together, this four piece rock band from the Ukraine decided to release their debut LP, Fight Your Evil Side. Leave A Trace certainly knows how to bring a fusion of rock, metal and even melodic screamo to their fans. Their album is packed with 10 powerful tracks that comes with Oksana's hard rock growling. By the way, yes, Oksana is a girl.
stave (200 x 200)

Stave The Grave: Dead End

Dead End from Stave the Grave is a fast-paced, rocking 4 track compilation, that comes loud and proud. With elements of rockabilly, metal and even a hint of progressive rock in there; the band throws punchy, rhythmic tracks that's enough to get your gears going. For fans of horror rock and that 70s rock sound, Stave the Grave is definitely one band to watch out for.
Derek Clegg

Derek Clegg: Here Comes Your Fate, Quick Duck

Derek Clegg serenades our ears once again with his distinctive brand of Indie-Folk in his new album, ‘Here Comes Your Fate, Quick Duck’. This album is tremendously good for easy-listening and regardless of what you normally listen to, prepare to be temporarily converted. Indie Folk seems to be the foundation of Clegg’s music, although, at times he intertwines genres such as country and rock. His music is never predictable; each track change also comes with a new surprise. This can be partly attributed to Clegg’s impressive repertoire of multi-instrumental abilities. Clegg’s vocals are also extremely versatile, he modifies himself as a vocalist to suit the style of each song.
dragstrip (200 x 200)

Dragstrip Rodeo: Dragstrip Rodeo

Fast-paced, ballsy rock and roll. Dragstrip Rodeo is a three piece rock band hailing from "D-Town." Their music is characteristic of rolling, fast drums, electrifying guitars and screaming yet coherent vocals that will definitely let you take notice and rock on. Featuring rock tracks that pounce and bite back, this 5 song release is definitely one worth checking out.
staggered crossing (200 x 200)

Staggered Crossing: Burgundy & Blue

Staggered Crossing has had their share of ups and downs; selling more than 20,000 albums, being signed (then dropped) from a major record label, and having a primary member of the group go through a near fatal accident. Despite the success and trials, Staggered Crossing still move forward and create great music. Burgundy & Blue is their latest offering and as expected, it carries 12 rock alternative pop tracks that's sure to impress fans and non-fans alike.
mindflow (200 x 200)

MindFlow: Breakthrough

Formed in 2003, this progressive rock band from Sao Paulo, Brazil has garnered plenty of praises. Mindflow has won fans from both the rock genre to the hardcore progressive junkies. Breakthrough from Mindflow is filled with progressive metal riffs, sweet and powerful vocals, thundering drums as well as flowing melodies that's hard not to fall for.
welcome to ashley (200 x 200)

Welcome To Ashley: Beyond the Pale

When it comes to talent and unstoppable, riveting on-stage performance, Welcome to Ashley definitely deserves more than a pat on the back. These Chicago natives have compiled 9 powerpop indie rock tracks that's filled with hipster vocals and interesting hooks. Beyond the Pale is the group's follow-up to Absent Man, their first EP. With punchy, shorter and more catchy cuts in this full album, it's a definite crowd pleaser for any indie rock junkie.
shooters (200 x 200)

The Shooters

Formed in 2008, hard rock group, The Shooters, have finally created their latest EP, Rock Pedal to the Floor. The album comes with 7 rock and roll tracks that means nothing but business. With hard rock guitar, thumping loud drums and grungy vocals; there's no mistaking this record for anything else other than pure rock and roll. The group is made up of Alex, Carlos, Danishoot and Marcos.
hot fiction (200 x 200)

Hot Fiction: Dark Room

Hot Fiction is a singing duo from England made up of Andy Yeoh on drums/vocals and Simon Miller on guitars. Now, from the opener "Start if Off," it's hard not to liken the group to another famous duo, The White Stripes. With their pounding drum beats and signature jangly guitars, Hot Fiction is definitely on the right track. Dark Room nicely blends jazz, blues, garage and hardrock into one fine and very hot mess.