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Free eBook – ‘Identity in the Age of Cloud Computing’ by J.D. Lasica

Just recently I've discovered the The Aspen Institute and it's website. The Institute's mission is to foster creative thinking & leadership for the good of our society and for the past 60 years it's members have been organizing seminars, public conferences and policy programs to spread great ideas and learn from each other. One of the most recent publications from the Institute is the "Identity in the Age of Cloud Computing: The next-generation Internet’s impact on business, governance and social interaction" by J.D. Lasica, who is a long time blogger for, a strategist, journalist & entrepreneur.

Larry Lessig: The Future of Ideas

The Future of Ideas is the most important work yet written about the grave threat posed to innovation and creativity in America and throughout the world. Lawrence Lessig documents the rapid and largely undebated expansion of government-granted monopolies over broad swatches of the knowledge our society relies on, and compares this with the role common access to knowledge has always played in America's vibrant culture and economy.

Mike Falzone licenses his music to MTV

Mike Falzone is one of the first artists we promoted on the FrostWire welcome screen. In the short time we featured his 'Fun with Honesty' album, he got well over 30,000 downloads on P2P. Now it's our pleasure to let you know that he has just licensed some his music to MTV and his songs will appear in the upcoming seasons of The Hills, The City, Made and Parental Control.

Game Prototyping Graphics for Small Worlds

Danc talks about himself as a game designer, pixel artist, painter, tools designer, product manager and marketing guy from Seattle, Washington. Danc has just released his latest set of graphics entitled "Small World". Emerging out of Danc's fascination of tiny ecosystems - worlds you could keep within your reach and sculpt like a bonsai tree - the package contains images of the blue water, the land, trees & little houses.

Windows Vista – Customization Manual [Book of How To’s] by Rich Robinson

Windows Vista - Customization Manual [Book of How To's] is written by Rich Robinson, the creator of, a very helpful Windows Guide website. This is a second of his free e-books. The first one, [insert link to the post here] "Windows Vista - The Pocket Guide" covered the basics of customizing, improving, and organizing your Windows Vista machine. "Windows Vista - Customization Manual" goes more into detail about the customization process itself teaching the user how to make their computer's operating system work as if it would be created just for them.

The Pirate Bay Manifesto by Powr.Proccoli-Kopim

In the shadow of the culture industry's final crisis of the 20th-century, grows a larger portrait of the POwr, broccoli and Kopimi. Each step of the culture industry's failures is followed by the uncanny successes of the structurally diffused spread of an Internet elite, spread worldwide. The book you're about to read has no author, no designer, no translators, no distribution channel.

David Bollier: Viral Spiral

Open-source software, Creative Commons & free culture of sharing, collaboration and remixing on the web is all what FrostClick/FrostWire are about, therefore we proudly present you with the “Viral Spiral: How the Commoners Built a Digital Republic of Their Own” by the widely acclaimed David Bollier.