Okular is a free cross platform document reader. Developed by the Okular Team, it is a universal reader that can run on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux and BSD among others. Unlike other so-called document readers that support only PDF and a few other formats, Okular has wide ranging format support.
SSuite Office

SSuite Personal Office Suite

Suite Office Software is a totally free alternative to commercial office suites. The field of freeware office suites is very competitive, but this one stands out for many reasons. It comes with a word processor (WordFormat 2), a spreadsheet (SpreadForm One), PDF Memo Creator and NetSurfer One, a web browser. Its email client is called My EZ Mail. The suite also comes with an envelope printer, a sorting utility and some games. WordFormat 2 has a simple and intuitive interface. You can save files in txt, DOC and RTF (rich text format) formats. You can even save the files in Pascal and C++ formats. It comes with statistics, formatting, grammar and spelling, word count and other features.


Sigil is an EPUB editor that works on multiple platforms. Even though it is free, the program has a lot of features that rival even those of commercially available software. It is easy to use and has support for EPUB 2 specs and UTF 16 as well. While most users will be content with the book view, it also supports preview and code views if you want to edit it.
SketchBook Express

SketchBook Express

Some users refer to SketchBook Express as the Mac Version of Windows Paint, but it's more powerful. Created by AutoDesk, it offers casual users an easy way to learn how to paint and draw. Those who know little about drawing and painting will learn the ropes quickly. A blank canvas greets you after launching the app. One window has controls for redo, undo, colors and shapes. Pencils, erasers, pens and brushes are stored in another window. You also have flood fill tools, brushes for sharpening and blurring.

Cool Reader

Cool Reader is a free and powerful e-book reader for Android. Created by Vadim Lopatin it offers full support for many popular formats like epub, non-DRM mobi, rtf, txt, doc chm, html and many others. In addition to this the reader allows you to read content in either scroll or page view.


Lyx is a free word document processor that takes the pain out of formatting your documents. Unlike other word processors that require you to do a lot of formatting, this word processor, created by the Lyx development team has taken care to make sure everything looks great from the start. Not only that, this program is also packed with some sweet features.

Wings 3D

Mention 3D graphics and people think of programs that cost in the thousands of dollars. However, Wings 3D is a powerful modeler that is totally free. It was created by Björn Gustavsson, Dan Gudmundsson and the rest of the Wings 3D Development Team. It’s a sophisticated program, capable of modeling human figures, creatures, vehicles, and so on. The program uses a graphical interface instead of icons. You use the keyboard and mouse to change an object’s geometry. Four selection modes are available: Body, Face, Edge and Vertex. Make no mistake about it; Wings 3D has a lot of tools. Each mode comes with its own set of modelers and editors. Its auto-UV feature makes adding textures easy.
Chaos Pro


ChaosPro is a freeware fractal program for Windows XP, Vista and later. Created by Martin Pfingstl, it can produce fractals in real time. Those new to fractal creation will appreciate its simple interface. Advanced users can tweak thousands of parameters to produce stunning images. For a freeware program, ChaosPro has a large number of features. As expected, it can generate Mandelbrot and Julia sets. But other fractal types like Escapetime, Attractor, Quaternion and more are supported. The application is multiwindowing, multitasking and supports an unlimited number of colors. The software is compatible with UltraFractal and FractInt.