Animosaix is a Widows application that takes your images turning them into a mosaic with wallpaper and screen saver options. The app is not only free but it’s small – only 1.2 mb – so it only takes a few seconds to download and install. When installing you will be asked if you want to install additional apps, but you can decline the offers.

Google Photos App

Google Photos is an online web service from Google that will organize and manage your picture collection, and aside from the website, there are also apps for Android and the iOS available. All the photos are stored in the cloud and arranged in albums, and there are some free effects tools available too as well as automatic backup.


MakeHuman is a 3D program that allows you to model realistic 3D human models. Created by the MakeHuman team, it started out as a Python script for Blender but has since evolved into a full featured program. If you’re a game developer or 3D artist, you’ll find this useful.
fantasia painter

Fantasia Painter

Fantasia Painter from Nokola is one of the many photography apps for Windows, but what makes it different from the rest is that it’s also a powerful painting app. So if you’re not content with just applying filters to images and want to be more creative, Fantasia Painter lets you do that.