Software or Games for iPod


There are multiple Twitter clients that have flooded the entire App Store, Android Market, Blackberry App World ans so on. With a plethora of options already available, Twitter users get confused which app to download and use. Well, Tweetcaster eliminates that confusion to a great degree with the slick offerings it has up its sleeve. The app was created by OneLouder Apps, a trusted and popular developer on the App Store who has made social networking its forte with the quality of apps it has to offer. Though the number of downloads on the Tweetcaster really speaks volume about the app.


If you are one of those competitive junkies with a hunger for outdoing your foe then Stardunk is a perfect game for you. Developed by Godzilab, it comes with a heady mix of action, great graphics, concentration, and rivals from all corners of the globe. In the game, you are situated in the Milky-Way and your prime objective is to dunk the basketball in the net. No players, no basketball courts. Just a basketball, a net and your fingers to slay the competition.

Stupid Zombies

iOS and Android are the toughest gaming platform at this point of time without a doubt. Well, both have had their own share of zombie game offerings with the perfect mix of blood, gore and the sliminess. Well, here we present a "Stupid" Zombie game, yes the game is called Stupid Zombies. Let us find what is so stupid about these blood sucking, brain-dead maniacs. Developed by GameResort LLC, this developer has a penchant for the word 'stupid' in their games. Well, anyway, the developer is no new entrant to the gaming scene and have quite a few worthy titles for various platforms such as OSX, iOS, Android and Web. This helps them with a edge over the rest.


If iOS is your choice for all of your needs and study makes it to the list, then Flashcards* is the app to feature on your iOS device homescreen. The app includes easy-to-use studying applications with materials for all class or standardized tests, giving users the full-option to create their own material as well.

SkyView Free

Kids, teens, and grown-ups alike always wonder what really do the sparkling diamonds in the sky called Stars signify. Well, if you have been scratching your head and pondering over the same question, then it is time to take out your iOS device and try SkyView Free. This app will give your the power to explore the universe with visually appealing 3D graphics. Created by Terminal Eleven LLC, this developer has just Skyview Free under its belt, but it seems they want to become the master of the galatic app genre and not spoil it by venturing into other categories.

Old Photo PRO

Many people have a habit of playing around with pictures and adding various effects for fun. Well than, if you are one of them Old Photo PRO is the perfect solution for your iOS device. With Old Photo PRO, you will have the option to give a complete golden-era touch to the pictures. The app was developed by Deion Mobile and is a very casual application for some light-hearted fun.

Jetpack Joyride

If you loved and adored the Fruit Ninja saga, then the same developers have got a fully loaded fun game back to iOS, just for you. Jetpack Joyride is the offering that will keep players hooked to their device for hours at a time. Created by Halfbrick, the game will surely be riding on the success of the Fruit Ninja frenzy. But as the developers has received a very positive response for Jetpack Joyride when it comes to the seamless gameplay that has been so well integrated within the app, you will not leave disappointed. Developed by Halfbrick, the game will surely be riding on the success of the Fruit Ninja frenzy. Also, Halfbrick has received a very positive response for Jetpack Joyride for the seamless gameplay that has been so well integrated and does not disappoint at all.

Photosynth by Microsoft

Always loved the professionalism associated with the premier Adobe Photoshop suite? Having a powerful iOS device within your reach, but the image manipulation suites available on the App Store just do not do justice to your creative poweress or are just downright there to make a hole-in-your-pocket? Whatever the reason might be, Photosynth by Microsoft is the answer to your prayers. Developed by Microsoft Corp, there is not much needed to say or tell. Microsoft in itself is a huge name and quality is assured as well as guaranteed. This is one app that every image manipulator on iOS should own.

iStunt 2 – Insane Hills

It is time for the adrenaline fans to hit the slopes for some freestyle action. Yes, iOS houses one of the best physic based games called and this one is called iStunt 2-Insane Hill. The sequel to the original iStunt game, this one takes the gameplay to an all new level. Developed by Miniclip.com, the game is really great and does much more than the original version. Offering a vast game-play and some very tricky obstacles, this one will surely become a casual gaming fans delight.