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Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz for the iPad and iPhone puts a refreshing spin on the old match three puzzle game. Published by PopCap, the game raises the stakes and sports stunning graphics and engaging gameplay. Not only is the game fast, but there are match bonuses provided too.

Sprinkle Free

Sprinkle Free is a physics based puzzle game. Published by Mediocre AB, your objective is to put out the fires that are wrecking havoc on the planet. All you have to do is aim your hose at the blaze and press the button to release water. But because this is a physics based game, it's a little more challenging than that.

Bloons TD Battles

Tower defense games have been around for a long time, but Bloons TD Battles by Ninja Kiwi throws a fresh spin into the genre. In the game you control a bunch of monkeys as they throw ninja stars, bullets, hurling darts and other bladed / sharp against their biggest enemies: balloons.

Trial Xtreme 3

Trial Extreme 3 from developer Deemedya M.S. Ltd puts you in a motocross bike and will have you racing against your friends or yourself in several challenging tracks. Not only do you have to go up against the best bikers around but also make sure you don’t fall into any obstacles like wrecked vehicles, pipes and mine scattered across the courses. In short, it’s a cool, fun obstacle course bike game.

Rivals At War: 2084

Rivals at War 2084 from publisher Hothead Games is a major upgrade over the original Rivals at War, and this one has a sci-fi theme, and the card collecting aspects have been improved too. The game is kind of like collecting baseball cards, but it’s a lot more fun and has a lot more action.

Eternity Warriors 2

Eternity Warriors 2 is a dungeon crawling action game. Published by Glu Games, all the battles take place in a dungeon, and while it’s a hack and slash affair, it’s actually quite challenging. The sequel to the popular Eternity Warriors game, the story takes place a century after the first one.
Bouncy Mouse Mobile Game

Bouncy Mouse Free

So all Android users, there is another Angry Birds-like present just for you. Bouncy Mouse takes all the cues available from the Angry Birds franchisee and tries to hold a certain ground. Is it successful or not, that is yet to be seen. Created by Munkadoo Games LLC, the developer has only this particular game under-their-belt needless to say, however, it makes for a really good time-killing machine.

Sniper Shooter

Sniper Shooter from Fun Games for Free is just a tiny bit similar to what you have seen in other iOS and Android games, but it also comes with its own identity bringing you a lot fun. You of course play a sniper and you have to finish several missions to become a master of your craft. By simply tilting your device you can aim and shoot your targets, so it’s easy to pick up.

Can You Escape

Can You Escape has a simple premise: break out of the room, and to do this you need to find all the concealed objects in the room and solve several puzzles. Courtesy of developer Kaarel Kirsipuu, it will challenge your logical and problem solving skills while giving you a good time. If you love riddles and puzzles you can’t go wrong here.