Coin Dozer

Coin Dozer brings the coin pushing games you see in fairs to the Android and IOS. Published by Game Circus LLC, the concept is pretty simple: you put a coin in the cabinet and try to push the prizes and quarters forward until you get them. Thatís how traditional coin fair games work, and Coin Dozer is their virtual counterpart.

The Grammar Club: Bioavailable

The best is yet to come for The Grammar Club, an alternative hiphop collective group that's comprised of rotating musicians with different styles, creating albums that are distinct with one another. Lead by Beefy and Shae Riley, Bioavailable is a seven-track collection that features a great lineup of guest vocalists such as Adam Warrock, Wheelie Cyberman, Jesse Dangerously, MC Frontalot, Wordburglar, and Kabuto the Phyton.

NameChanger for Mac

NameChanger for Mac is a free program that makes it easy to rename multiple files, a chore that usually takes forever to do. This application is developed by MRR Software, and it is very easy to use. The latest version has support for Regular Expressions, as well as the ability to sort via the EXF date.


Sonically astounding, Photocomfort is an artist that should be on top of any indie folk lover's radar. Bursting into the scene from out of nowhere, it's amazing that talent and music like this has been kept hidden for so long. Led by twenty-something, Justine Bowe and her friend, Mike Moschetto, this self-titled debut is far too short, luckily every inch of it is packed with the kind of music you can bring with you anywhere and play anytime without ever wanting anything else.

Talking Ginger

Talking Ginger from Out Fit 7 Ltd. is a virtual pet app for the Android and iOS, and your objective here is to take care of Ginger the kitten. That means putting him to bed on time, talking to him and helping him with other tasks like shows, potty, brushing his teeth and so on. Itís really a cute app and while itís aimed at kids, even adults will fall in love with this kitten.


Follow Cupid as he lives his worst day ever in Cupidon, a CG graduation short film for ESMA co-directed by Simon Bau, Clťmentine Choplain, Marie Ecarlat, Benoit Huguet, and Julien Soulage. The film tells the story of Cupid and how a major mistake in a pair-up leads him to an unforgettable roller-coaster adventure.


Alfred app for the Mac is an application that can increase your productivity. Developed by Andrew Pepperrell and the rest of the Alfred development team, this application lets you make the most of hotkeys, launching files and applications. In addition, Alfred also lets you do quick Web searching too.