World Cup Table Tennis

Say hello to a game that will surely give you, table tennis lover, an ultimate experience on your iOS device. Well, World Cup Table Tennis is just the right game boasting with its amazing visuals which will keep players hooked for quite sometime. Created by Skyworks Interactive, this developer is a regular to the iOS platform and specializes in sport games of all kinds. There are quite a number of interesting games up for offer from their stable and World Cup Table Tennis is it's fine example.
flashlights (200 x 200)

Flashlights: So Close To Midnight EP

So Close to Midnight EP is an inspiring dance pop/rave EP that'll make a good soundtrack for when you want to shake off those chilly summer nights and just dance. Flashlights is the moniker for Denver duo, Ethan and Alex. Ever since they came out, they've been impressing tons of fans and listeners. Even managing to get themselves named as among NME's Buzzworthy Acts as well as featured in other prominent magazines. The band has been enjoying great exposure while performing high profile gigs and becoming staples to various festival venues. Listening to this, it's not hard to see why.
NQ Mobile Vault


Are you worrying about having your privacy invaded everytime your friends take your phone into their hands or you mistakenly leave it unattended in a coffee shop? Sounds like you need a real stringent solution to safe-keep your data from prying eyes, and Vault might just be your answer. It is one of the most promising data locker app on the Google Play store. The app was created by NQ Mobile Inc., the developer that has churned out some of the most promising additions to the Android ecosystem. Coming from their stable, Vault is definitely a must have for the app drawer of your device.
wallpaper (200 x 200)

TK Paradza: WallPaper

WallPaper is the latest effort from singer/songwriter, TK Paradza. This 13-track record from the Zimbabwe-born singer, features melt-your-heart vocals and a beautiful set of catchy songs that would make most R&B/pop fans happy. Paradza counts musicians like Craig David, Usher, Keith Sweat and Michael Jackson as among his influences. Judging from this album, TK seems to have what it takes to make a solid impression on fans and listeners.

The Streets of the Invisibles

The famous street drama of the 70’s is back in today’s most helpful tool, Google Street View. Directed by Remo Rauscher and produced by the University of Applied Sciences, Hagenberg Campus, Austria, The Streets of the Invisibles is a web-2.0 animated short exclusively using Google imagery. It has aready gained a lot of buzz in festivals and award giving bodies across the globe. The film revives the TV series The Streets of San Francisco as Mike Stone (Karl Maden) and Steve Keller (Michael Douglas) are back once again on today’s street to catch a homicidal maniac who should have been incarcerated thirty years ago.

Top Truck

Ever been a die-hard fan of Monster Trucks and their mayhem carnage nature. Then Top Truck is than the game of your class and calling. As the name suggest, Top Truck allows players to control the big monsters and bring down total fury on cars as you progress through the game. Created by Ace Viral, this developer is no new player to the Android scene and has produced some worthy titles, but Top Truck definitely outshines them hands down. This is carnage and mayhem at its very best.
likely (200 x 200)

Likely Lads: Melrose Yard Demos

Admitting to be fans of the Libertines, it's not difficult to see the bands' influence on the Likely Lads. This three piece crew first got into music after attending a Leeds festival. Inspired and motivated, the members: Ross McLeod - vocals/bass, Ashley Harding - lead guitar, Ben Porter - rhythm guitar and Jordan Maher - drums joined forces and started recording their songs. Tiptoeing between new wave, alternative and indie rock, Melrose Yard Demos is the band's foray into a compilation album. It has 15 tracks that are upbeat, indie rock affairs you can dance and sing along to if you need some perky music to keep you company.

Google Translate

The Google Translate app on your Android or iPhone means that you will never lose for words in another language again. The download will bring to your phone the functions of Google Translate online site. With this app at your finger tips, you don't need to lug around multiple dictionaries or phrasebooks. The great advantage of Google Translate is that it's not just for one language to English, but gives you combinations of around 80 languages. So go ahead and help your Russian friend talk to his Japanese colleague.