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Get Everything (and faster). Everything is a super-fast desktop file-search that integrates in your right click context menu. What makes Everything better is that it is able to bypass Windows on your desktop or laptop when searching which makes it faster to find your files because it does not scan the hard drive. Everything uses the raw Master File Table for NTFS drives, which logs all changes made on the partition and gets straight to the files you want faster and with stability.

BJ Block & Dawn Pemberton: II

Simply titled, II; BJ Block and Dawn Pemberton's second collaboration bears the same uplifting positive emotion and meaningful lyrics that has made their first effort, The Land of Make Believe, a success. They've continued the tradition of releasing this one for free as well and listeners are getting a chance to hear it first in Frostwire. Containing 9 soulful tracks, it bears the familiar sound of jazz, funk, R&B and gospel that has become a trademark for the feel-good, positive and chill vibe of their music.

Tiny Post

Tiny Post allows you to add photo captions to your images. Designed for the iPhone and iPod, you can use it to add words of wisdom, humor, cynicism or whatever else you can think of. Developed by Beeem Inc, it lets you add a new level of personalization for all your pictures. Plus you can share the these images on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram after editing them.

Noelle Johnson: Beautiful Soul EP

Noelle Johnson has entered the music scene and we’re lucky to have a sneak preview from this promising solo artist. In her new EP entitled Beautiful Soul released last January 8, the Sequim, Washington-based musician indulges us with four tracks of blissful indie folk.


Calm your senses and fill your imagination with Origami, a short animation created by Joanne Smithies, Eric De Melo Bueno, Michael Moreno, Hugo Bailly Desmarche... Read More

Fix-it Felix Jr

Fix it Felix Jr by Disney is a port of the original arcade game for the iPhone. If you’re old enough to remember the original version, downloading and playing it on your iOS again will be a lot of fun. If you have never played arcade games before, welcome to the wonderful world of 8 bit graphics.

Emmy Curl: Origins

Emmy Curl's latest EP, Origins, yearns to find a sense of wonder in the world. The Portugal-born musician grew up with a lot of interest in arts such as music, painting, theater, and photography. In the early age of 15, Curl had already produced songs in her father's studio.