Ghostbusters from Beeline Interactive is a simulation / action game where you control the Ghostbusters characters. The objective of the game is to build your HQ and you do this by researching and well, busting those ghosts. While it is not the first game to be based on the movie franchise, it is one of the best.

Devyn Rose: Want It All EP

With the success of her debut EP D.E.V.Y.N. which hit over 150,000 downloads over at FrostWire, Devyn Rose is ready to win you over yet again with her final installment of the free EP series entitled PROJECT: I AM DEVYN ROSE.


Drawcast is an app that allows you to draw and paint on your iOS device. Created by Daniel Cota, the app has support for various colors, zooming in and out, has an undo feature and cover up any mistakes you make with an eraser. While it has a lot of features, anyone who has used painting apps before will find it easy to use.

PunkANation: The State of Mind on the Violent Side

If you listen through this album, you'd be hard pressed to believe that PunkANation is simply a one-man project. Truth is that, it is. The man behind all that noise and punk rockin' goodness is Ashwin Rao. Obviously, he has a very special affinity for punk rock. The State of Mind on the Violent Side is, according to him, still under the mixing and mastering process. However, for those who love the gritty sound of DIY music, he's put it up for free download. The album is a 10-track compilation that should be considered one of the best punk rock finds for the year. It's raw, dirty, traditional and absolutely awesome!


Lyx is a free word document processor that takes the pain out of formatting your documents. Unlike other word processors that require you to do a lot of formatting, this word processor, created by the Lyx development team has taken care to make sure everything looks great from the start. Not only that, this program is also packed with some sweet features.

Shipwrek: Journal

With nothing but a short sentence stated on his website "about" section, Journal by Shipwrek is as mysterious as it is engaging. Aiming to capture those fleeting moments and translate them into a gorgeous mix of beats, synths and rhythm; Journal manages to create a rich landscape of sound that listeners can easily get lost in. The man behind Shipwrek is Jason Siegler. His fascination with capturing his day to day existence into sound initially started as a simple project but quickly evolved into a complex set of recordings that throb and pulse with energy as well as life.


Sushipedia by Tokiolabs is your ultimate guide for all things related to sushi. Whether you are an avid fan of raw fish or someone who is about to try sushi for the first time, this app will be your reference guide. It has all the basic information about sushi and more.

The Shones: EP

Consider yourself privileged as you stumble upon The Shones‘ selft-titled EP released March this year. Having played for the last seven years in Madison, Wisconsin, listen as this five-piece band reinvent their sound in the buzzing Boston music scene.