Sudden Death of Stars: EP

Exuding folky shoegaze 70s style rock is something these Rennes septet is very good at. Sudden Death of Stars carry a hypnotizing sound that's great to wake up to on a lazy Saturday morning. This is their first EP and it contains 5-tracks recorded and released back in 2010. Employing old school instruments, analog recording and an ethereal psychedelic vibe, the album is a lush soundscape filled with interesting bits to please listeners. Apart from this, the boys have released a new record which should be up on the blog as well.

Stand O’Food 3

Social game lovers, we have something yet again for you and this time, it is being served on a well-garnished platter. Yes, it is Stand O'Food 3, the third installment of the franchisee. The most popular burger-serving game gets a much-awaited sequel. Created by G5 Entertainment, a top developer on the Android Market, this game is really fun and lives up to the standarts of the previous two parts in the series. G5 have developed some of the most entertaining games for Android & iOS, and this one is no exception.

Fifty Grand: Fifty Grand

Fifty Grand's music can be best described as experimental dark electronic drone. The person behind the sound is Emily Onofrio, aka Fifty Grand. This is one of several records Aural Sects has released for their 2012 roster. Auralsects is a netlabel that works with independent artists in different departments of electronic music, from "dance, electro, pop, ambient, witch, juke, noise and anything we find compelling," according to the collective.

Do Not Track Plus for Firefox

Do Not Track Plus (DNT+) is a browser add-on. The fact is that social networks and ad companies monitor what you are doing on the Internet; where you go, for how long and how often. With DNT+, you are protected and can browse in private. Created by Abine the Online Privacy Company, DNT+ blocks any tracking software or method used without affecting websites or the way you surf. The utility was originally designed for Firefox, but it now supports Google Chrome, IE and Safari. An Opera version is now being developed.

Balthazar B and the Beatitudes: I am the Tide

A moniker for Paris-based folk songwriter, Balthazar B is Alex Dowding, alongside with the Beatitudes which is an ever changing, ramshackle collection of surrealists, doctors, geeks, religious scholars and of course, rock and roll enthusiasts. I am the Tide is a lo-fi collection of storytelling folk music. It is accompanied by a selection of musicians and also samples solo acoustic acts.

George Eliot: Daniel Deronda

Still controversial even in the modern age, George Eliot's victorian novel Daniel Deronda is a pleasurable read for that much awaited weekend. First published in 1876, this was the last completed novel of English novelist, journalist, and translator Mary Anne Evans who was better known for her pen name George Eliot.

Actraiser: Phantomile EP

Actraiser's Phantomile EP is a resurrection of sorts for Cut Music. After taking a mini-hiatus, they're back with an explosive and equally catchy free EP for all of you electro ambient obsessives out there. Bristol-based producer Actraiser delivers an magnetic five track compilation that flourishes with mystical dubstep tracks while sticking to classic ambient rhythms and beats. This the first for the artist and as expected from previous Cut Music recordings; it's setting great groundwork for future releases.

Jonathan Dimmel: The Worst and the Best

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Jonathan Dimmel not only writes music for himself but also plays in the band Satellites and Sirens. So what does Jonathan Dimmel have that separates him from his fellow indie rock and rollers? His songs are heavily inspired by rotations on many contemporaries that helps fill the void in the indie rock genre.