Tom Phonic: Good Luck Knowing

Filled with funky 8-bit style sounds and a host of futuristic beats, Good Luck Knowing is proving to be quite a record. Containing 8-tracks that were written and produced by Tom Phonic; most of the songs were created with friends as well as with specific inspiration in mind. The producer/DJ has been creating music for the past 12 years now. He's a St. Louis native but moved to the Big Apple in 2005. Here, he found a flourishing electronic underground scene that paved the way for his music to spring forth.

Floating Image

Here we bring a really cool app that surely will make you smile. Floating Image for Android makes a live wallpaper out of all the various sources where your pictures are stored. Yes, you heard that right. The app itself is very cool and offers a great way of sprucing up the decor factor to a new level. Created by Mark Gjøl, the developer is fairly new to the Android ecosystem, but the delivery with Floating Image is so amazing that we can just look forward for his next offering on the Market.

Coroner for the Police: Swamp Box

Despite being a new band (they formed in the early part of 2012,) Coroner for the Police already has a knack for capturing the listener's attention. Thanks to their upbeat and loud indie rockish sound, it's easy to jive along to their music. The four piece Manchester crew is made up of Dave Labrow , Nathan Kai Wright, John Simm and Dan Woolfie. Swamp Box is their first EP and was released last May 2012. They have plans of creating another short compilation by the end of the year.

Speed Dreams

Speed Dreams is the former Torcs-NG, but with a host of improvements. There are lots of cars, better graphics and realistic physics engines. It’s a racer all right, but precision driving will be necessary. It is cross-platform and you can play it in Windows, Linux and Haiku. There’s a lot of everything here. Racing modes include Career, the Championship, single events, endurance, quick race and practice. Dozens of cars are available and grouped into the following categories: World Rally Series, Monoposto 5, Long Day Series GT1 and 2, Supercars (sports cars), TORCS Racing Board 1 and 1936 Grand Prix. TORCS Racing Board 1 cars are redesigned models from the original TORCS. The 1936 Grand Prix are pre-World War II racing cars.

Pinhead Records: International Punk Rock Superstars Vol. 5

In the mood for some loud, fast and energetic punk rock? Check out Pinhead Records' latest release. It's a goldmine of new and up-and-coming punk rock bands. Pinhead Records is a fairly new label hailing from Tampa, Florida and caters to punk as well as ska music. Run by a self-described "17-year-old douchebag," you'll find that it's a haven for discovering great new punk music from various indie bands. International Punk Rock Superstars Vol. 5 is a massive 26-track compilation and it's enough to give you something to rock on to for the entire night.

123D Make

So you just made a cool 3D model, but wouldn’t it be great if you could turn that into a real object you can hold? Well, 123D Make by Autodesk allows exactly that. How does it do that? It turns a 3D object into cardboard templates. After printing these templates, you can use these to cut cardboards or foams. Glue them together, paint and your virtual 3D object is literally in your hands. The program is a bit different from other 3D graphics software, but it will only take a while to get used to the interface.


Mastering the art of engaging entertainment, DRMS self-titled album is another powerful entry to the growing indie landscape. Hailing from San Francisco Bay Area, DRMS is an independent band of Rob Shelton , Emily Ritz, Andrew Maguire, Mark Clifford, Geneva Harrison, Jesse Cafiero, and Jake Nochimow. Released last July 28, their second album features ten tracks that explores the boarders of experimental, rock, and afropop music.
Nothing special

Nothing Special

Treat yourself with this award-winning short by Helena Brooks entitled Nothing Special. Nominated to the Cannes Film Festival, this 11-minuter short tells the story of Billy who becomed the reluctant subject of worship when his delusional mother decides that he is a Jesus reincarnate. It's a rare thing to be mesmerized by a single film, but that is exactly what happened upon watching Nothing Special. Kip Chapman is a delight to the title role, making us laugh and feel empathy in a natural manner. Heather the eccentric mom played by Alison Routledge adds a quirky flair to the film.

West the Defender: Don’t Tell My Girlfriend

A six man band which was formed three years back in the east coast state of New Jersey, West The Defender enjoys drawing up inspiration from band behemoths like The Beatles, The Eagles, Incubus, Weezer, and Fountains of Wayne. They’ve also had their share of live performance stints at some of the best stages in their area such as The Stone Pony and Asbury Convention Hall. You can expect the same amount of indie-pop-rock in their first full-length album Don’t Tell My Girlfriend.