jay mcoy (200 x 200)

Jay McCoy: Truth and Reality

Combining a smooth musical style along with gorgeous vocals, Jay McCoy's brand of music might seem like typical R&B but it's the same reason why it's so likable. This young and up-and-coming singer knows how to create the right hooks and grooves; making her songs stick to you with ease. Truth and Reality was released last August 2011. It's her second full length record and showcases some really catchy tracks that should please any R&B fan.


Whether itís a coffee break or a quick nap, cancel whatever youíre doing and watch the adrenaline-filled, blood-pumping Extranjero. Shot in just over two days, Extranjero is the first ever winner of the Sundance London Film and Music Festival. It tells the story of refugee running from his past as well as the confusion in his own mind. Itís directed by former flat mates Daniel Lumb and Crinan Campbell better known as The Queen.
brixton robbers (200 x 200)

Brixton Robbers: Rocks & Cranes

The Brixton Robbers are an energetic punk ska band from Quebec,Canada. Adding a whole lot of rock attitude to their resident sound, the group comes in loud and proud; churning in one energetic performance after another. Rocks & Crane is the band's first full album. It's a bit late as it was released back in 2009 and four years after the band initially got together. They weren't sitting idle in those four years though. The band in fact played more than 200 songs in between, apart from creating/recording tracks to be used in the record.
App 2 SD

App 2 SD

Android is one of the leading smartphone platforms and there is no doubt about it, and the ever-growing Android Market just leaves the user spoilt with choices. Apps ranging from casual-free games to hardcore 3D console action, and utility apps that just make life a whole-lot easier. The biggest drawback being the storage-space. All the apps, once installed, get saved in the phone memory and not on the expandable one, taking up to much space off the already limited phone storage. Here comes in the life-savior (memory-savior), App 2 SD.
studebaker (200 x 200)

Stuedabakerbrown: Strangers We’ll Become

Stuedabakerbrown is an odd name for a band but what others might see as a poor name choice, the band more than makes up for with their sound. Strangers We'll Become is the band's 2010 release. Containing 11 catchy tracks, the album has helped propel the band into the limelight. They've managed to tour with national touring acts like Say Anything and The Spill Canvas. Moreover, much of their catalogs are licensed for use on cable networks like MTV, ESPN etc. Thanks to their refreshing and smart alternative rock, it's hard to dismiss the band as just another altrock number.
Duck Hunt

Duck Hunting

The advent of HD gaming entered our devices, and minds, as quickly as a storm. Sometimes while shooting at life-like monsters and scoring goals on the field, we do get reminded about how fuss-free 8-Bit cassette games really were. Well, prayers have been answered with Duck Hunt making its presence felt on Android. Ported by Andrey_N_S, the port seems to work really well, but strangely only on the higher-end smartphones and no one seems to be complaining yet.
bach (200 x 200)

Felipe Sarro: Bach

If classical is more your thing, you might want to grab this little gem from Felipe Sarro. The Brazilian pianist takes on the music of one of the most influential and well-known classical composers ever, Johann Sebastian Bach. He plays several of Bach's original works as well as several transcriptions of Bach's music done byRussian composer Alexander Ilyich Siloti. Every single piece was recorded and played by Sarro on piano; recreating, reliving and celebrating the sound of the revered German composer.

Slacker Radio

Here is an app for all the music lovers who just cannot get enough of any artist, genre, track or album. Yes, we are talking about Slacker Radio for iOS. This app allows users to browse through their large libraries of songs, almost 2.4 million tracks without crowding the memory-space on the iPod. Developed by Slacker Inc., this app puts a vast collection of artists, tracks, various genre radio channels, and the option to add customized channels anytime, anywhere. This one is an iOS universal app, so users with both iPhone and iPad are in for a treat.
the velvet chameleon2 (200 x 200)

The Velvet Chameleon: Clusterfunk

Promising to create several EP releases for 2011 and 2012, The Velvet Chameleon is holding its side of the bargain and delivers amazing EPs one after another. Clusterfunk was released late 2011 and features 5 tracks that echo influences from Radiohead and various other bands. Spearheaded by Adarsh Fernando, the band can easily impresses with their upbeat alternative pop. The EP is available as a free download and licensed under Creative Commons.