Eric and Magill: Two Travellers

Accomplished musicians Ryan Weber and Eric Osterman collaborates together to create the must hear album entitled Two Travellers. In this six-track collection, the killer duo creates cosmic soundcapes for shoegaze lovers. Originally from Milwaukee but currently in separate corners of the world (Weber in Kenya and Osterman in Brooklyn), these two long-time friends proves that distance is not an issue in creating good music.

Red Eclipse

Red Eclipse is an open source FPS, and it is certainly one of the best in the bunch. Based on Cube Engine 2, the Red Eclipse development team has produced a thrilling fast paced game with cool graphics and sounds, good enough to rival commercially available games.

Pato Margetic: The Pato Collection

In need of a new sound? Hereís another refreshing treat for those thirsty ears. Featuring a hefty set of 14 tracks, The Pato Collection by Pato Margetic will surely ignite your weary souls. Hailing form Detroit, Michigan, Pato Margetic has the full packageólooks and undeniable musical talent. Aside from being a singer, guitarist, and musician, Pato has also been selected by Cosmopolitan magazines as Michiganís 2012 Bachelor of the Year.


Carrying psycholigical intrigue and precise emotions, Caterpillar, directed by the fashion photographer David Field, is a promising cerebral drama thatís sensitively realized and dramatically absorbing. Since its release, this 15-minute short has already gained attention from the festival circuit with official selections, nominations, and awards such as Best Short Film in the Eeerie Horror Film Festival 2012.

Kid Runner

Kid Runner transcends the traditional structure, conventional tempo and the usual instrumental in its genre. Radio-friendly choruses and mainstream pop themes are still evident but expect more of the pulsing dreams, swing beats and gospel choirs thrown around here and there from time to time.


Ancestry (iOS and Android) is the only app you will need to create, edit and add details to your family tree. With this free app from youíll be able to update your family tree, show it to anyone and have access anytime on your mobile. With Ancestry, you can arrange pictures and information about your grandparents, aunts, uncles, nephews nieces, cousins and more easily.

Action News Team: How To Defend Yourself Against Fresh Fruit

Action News Team is as eclectic as can be with their new record, How to Defend Yourself Against Fresh Fruit. The album comes with a host of blues, rock, jazz and alternative punk sounds that seem tossed inside one giant blender and turned into a smoothie. The band hasn't been sitting idly, in fact they've released about 12 compilations and singles since last year on BandCamp. This is the latest from the roster and the second one to be featured here in the blog. You'll discover a world of boozy dance club vocals, wailing guitars as well as 70s inspired Doors vibe circling all around.

What’s the Word? new quiz with pics and words

Whatís the Word? new quiz with pics and words is a word association game, and it is one of the hottest games for the iOS right now. Created by RedSpell, itís easy to see why it is so popular; the concept is very simple but it is very engaging and addictive. In the game, you are presented with pictures that can all be described with one word, and it is your task to find out what the word is.

Kanoi: Arsonics

Kanoi manages to enchant and mesmerize listeners with his eclectic sound. Mixing pop, indie, folk and a tad bit of rock on there, Arsonics is an interesting record that resounds with a certain raw appeal. The man behind Kanoi is Austrian musician, Benjamin Kantschieder. He's essentially a one-man crew; playing all the instruments and doing all the vocal work. Arsonics is compilation of remastered/remixed work from previous compilations Cracks and Endlight EP.