3D Bowling

After covering all types of sport games on our website, finally there is an offering for the Bowling lovers. 3D Bowling is one-of-the-best bowling titles to have made an appearance on the Android platform. The game offers crisp visuals with intuitive and smooth gameplay acting as the icing on the cake. Created by Italy Games, the developer has various games belonging to different genres under their kitty and certainly will not disappoint gamers with today's offering.
resolutions (200 x 200)

My Sad Captains: Resolutions EP

My Sad Captains is a four piece group from London whose music evokes thoughts of childish grins on carousel rides; teenage crushes and perfect morning soundtracks. Resolutions is the band's most recent EP. It contains 5 freshly recorded tracks and released by the band as a complement to their most recent record, Fight Less, Win More. This short compilation even includes one single from the album, Resolutions, and contains the same melody filled indie folk sound that allows the band to create a lasting impression.

American Red Cross First Aid

We often install all sorts of programs in an iPhone, some of which are useless. First Aid by American Red Cross is not one of those. It is full of information for emergency situations. In many cases, it may even save lives. This application was developed with the approval of the Red Cross, so the information is tried and tested. The application is packed with step-by-step advice, quizzes and videos. There is a lot of information here, but it is well organized. The step by step guide offers clear instructions on how to perform first aid. You can use the quizzes to test your knowledge.
punk's undead (200 x 200)

Punk’s Undead: Volume 2

Sematary Records is serious about bringing back good old punk rock. Following their successful compilation, Punk's Undead Volume 1, this second album is their latest tribute to the raucous and defining genre. Composed of "25 instant classics from the Midwest;" the album compiles tunes from various punk rock bands both old and new. You'll find a handful of loud and energetic songs on here that'll keep you awake all through the night.
the wonderful wizard of oz

L. Frank Baum: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Treat yourself to a quick read with one of the handful classics that almost everyone is familiar with, L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Lyman “L.” Frank Baum is an American author of children’s book who wrote over 55 novels (plus 4 missing ones) , 82 short stories, over 200 poems, and a lot of scripts. His most famous work and the first book in his sequel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, was originally published on May 17, 1900 and had been reprinted a dozen of times under the title Wizard of Oz. The story has already been re-envisioned through stage plays, musicals, and a well-known film version starring the amazing Judy Garland.
Talentine 2_ Various Artists

Various Artists: Tanteline 2

Everyday is a celebration of the heart with Talentine 2. Produced by LA based K L S H (Klash), this musical compilation by various artists surround perspectives on love and relationships with people, society and situations. Dope Girl by Mat Randol and Javonte is in every way sensual. Potent rap verses and ferocious beats deliver a very tight track.
I Must Run! Reloaded

I Must Run! Reloaded

Running games have never been the ones to create a hype, but not anymore, at-least not with I Must Run! Reloaded. It has shown us that games such as this one can be addictive and fun too. This little treat has been brought to life by Gamelion Studios, a developer that has quite a few entertaining games in their kitty, but I Must Run! Reloaded is the only free app offering from this stable. Will it be worth the play time? Lets check it out.
Sessions Vol. 1 EP_ Ivan Dubsky_Great Skies

Ivan Dubsky x Great Skies: Sessions Vol. 1 EP

The idea of creating an album with an intent to relax has already made its mark on the music scene. However, Ivan Dubsky & Great Skies' Session Vol. 1 EP is not your typical ambient collection. Hailing from UK, Ivan Dubsky and Great Skies are two ambient music producers and old-school friends who decided to make some music together. Released last June 22, this 4-track collection legs up ambient garage on a higher level.

GOM Player

GOMmedia player is a seamless and simple player for your videos. Taking a wide range of files, it also works with free to download video converter that you can find on the GOMmedia player website. Even better, it automatically searches for the appropriate codecs online, so in case you find yourself needing one, the GOM Player will get it for you automatically. The available codecs include less common DAT, MPEG, DivX, XviD, WMV, ASF, AVI, and MOV, as well as more common ones like FLV1, AC3, OGG, MP4, and H263.