PdaNet 3.02

Don't you just hate wandering off the Wi-Fi availability area with your Wi-Fi only tablet PC or a laptop? Well than say hello to PdaNet 3.02 for Android. This app enables users to tether their smartphone's active data connection with their devices. Developed by June Fabrics Tech, this is just one of the apps under their kitty, but does more than a commendable job by giving utility and accessibility a very serious thought.
death in texas (200 x 200)

Death In Texas: We Will Implode EP

Exploding into the scene with a heavy power pop, progressive sound is sometimes enough to get you noticed. Indeed, Death in Texas offers that "look and listen to me" vibe from the very moment that you start up their first song. We Will Implode EP is their first mini compilation. It contains 4 tracks that work great as a sneak preview into their energetic rock/theatre-like sound. The record was released last July 16, 2011 and is the perfect piece to kickstart a good, happy day.
Fishing Diaries

Fishing Diary

If fishing seems to be an attractive option for you, but you lack the patience, the equipment and a boat, then we have an awesome alternative to satisfy your hunger with and that is Fishing Diary. So go ahead and catch some of the most exotic fish or even a shark with just a click. Created by DroidHen, the developer has served an array of wonderful games before and with Fishing Diary they have lived up to the tradition of being one-of-the best.
the jesse minute (200 x 200)

The Jesse Minute: Shut Up and Play

Describing themselves as a "female fronted 5 piece pop punk killing machine with nothing to lose" seems quite accurate. The Jesse Minute is a band that loves throbbing energy and some fun punk hooks. Shut Up and Play was released two years ago in 2010 but it's still an album that'll get punk fans excited. Throwing catchy hooks, jangly guitars and sweet female vocals in the fray, the band makes it hard not to bob up and down as you listen to each track. Perfect for some basement party you're throwing or if you simply want to get in touch with your pop punk roots.


Android users might have the best mobile-computing tool in their hands with the latest 'Superphone', but what really takes away the excitement is the below par battery life. Heavy-duty users and hardcore gamers feel let down with the ever decreasing battery backup, so here we present a perfect solution for the demanding battery needs. Developed by LateDroid, JuiceDefender is a perfect solution for saving battery from dying at the most crucial point. The app works very well and most are more than just happy.

Cambriana: House of Tolerance

Solid and flawless, House of Tolerance embodies why Cambriana is a band that slow rock lovers can depend to. Cambriana is Wassily Brasil, Luis Calil, Pedro Falcão, Heloísa Helena, Rafael Morisha, and Israel Santiago. House of Tolerance was started in pen by Luis Calil in late 2010. By March 2011, Wanderson Meireles joined him and contributed song ideas. Due to different geographical locations, much work was done via the Internet. The project was recorded in September in a home studio. By January 27, House of Tolerance was released boasting ten sonically diverse tracks. Currently, the band is planning on touring throughout the year.


You know those days when you just need to stop, breath, and think? And what better way to start these moments than by watching Umbra, an introspective animation by Malcolm Sutherland. Sutherland is a Montreal-based animator that have already developed a reputation with his brilliant, self-initiated short films. He is known for embracing a wide arrange of theme, from ornate space travel to Star Wars Uncut.
the INTROduction EP- esco williams

Esco Williams: The INTROduction EP

Put aside your comic books as the Soul Powered Nerd Esco Williams comes with another mind-blowing musical offering. Featuring six tracks of unpretentious soul and r&b, The INTROduction EP is an ear-teaser for the artist’s upcoming album. Esco Williams is a vocalist/singer/songwriter whose presence is reminiscent of Cee-LO Green, Aloe Bacc, and Al Green, to name a few. This Liverpool geek is part of the Sense of Sound Choir. His songs have also played on BBC Radio 1xtra, FLAVA, and AKA TV. He has performed with hip-hop legend The RZA, DEAD PREZ, and toured with smooth jazz icon Brian Culbertson.
Dream Heights

Dream Heights

The casual gamer will never be without a smile, as everyday a developer churns out an epic offering for this genre. Dream Heights is just a prime example of this statement. The game is very much on the lines of Farmville, Castleville, Cityville and the likes produced by leading game developer. Created by Zynga who has taken the social-gaming platform to all new heights not only on social-networking sites, but on smartphone platforms such as Android & iOS, Dream Heights seems to be a perfect extension of this phenomenon.