Paper Plane Project: Miles Apart

Bringing souful vibes back to the realm of hip hop, Miles Apart by Paper Plane Project brims with jazzy melodies for that perfect Sunday afternoon. Hailing from Australia, Paper Plane Project is Mason Kimber and Nick Bennett. Sharing a love for old records and soulful beats, the duo started making music together after a record-digging trip to Brazil.

F. Scott Fitzgerald: This Side of Paradise

Enjoy a classical read with This Side of Paradise, an enjoyable novel who established F. Scott Fitzgerald as the golden boy of Jazz Age. Written when he was only twenty three, this is a semiautobiographical tale of Amory Blaine, a handsome and optimistic Princeton University student who slowly undergoes an adolescent indirection. This was portrayed by his sudden disillusionment, his war experience, and his failed relationship with a New York debutante who then breaks his heart for a wealthier man.

Hey, Sleeper: We Fell Asleep in Winter and Woke Up in June

We Fell Asleep in Winter and Woke Up in June might be a mouthful for an album title but it nevertheless, easily depicts the mood set out by this mini compilation. Created by singer/songwriter Luke Roberts or better known as Hey, Sleeper; the short record features acoustic tracks done by the artist. Filled with simple and heartwarming melodies, these are the kind of songs you'll want with you on a quiet afternoon. The mini EP was released on BandCamp last June 2012 and currently offered as a free download.

WorldMate Mobile App

Traveling is fun, but planning and organizing can be a hassle. WorldMate app is designed to make things easier for you. Developed by WorldMate Inc, it is available for the iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. The app is pleasing to the eye, especially with iOSí Retina Display. The application stores trip details locally, so you can view the files even with no Internet connection. In addition, there are other features that stand out, including the ability to provide flight alerts in real time.

From Indian Lakes: Songs From Indian Lakes

From Indian Lakes brings to life the beautiful indie charm of Southern California in their music. Much like putting on an indie film soundtrack, Songs from Indian Lakes is brimming with one easy listening cut after another. The album contains three remixed and remastered singles from their previous album along with two tracks from their upcoming release. With carefully orchestrated compositions and solid instrument work, their songs flourish with personality that's difficult to deny a listen.


TAGAP 2 (The Apocalyptic Game about Penguins) is the sequel to the original TAGAP game. Developed by the Penguin Development Team, it offers more action and adventure. This 2D platformer and shoot em up sees the team up of Pedro and Pablo, the cyber-penguins. Together they battle the zombie penguin army of the dastardly General Primo.

Haujobb: Let’s Drop Bombs

Sounding like you just stepped inside a Rob Zombie discotheque, Haujobb is a cool band that definitely knows their way around haunting industrialtechno music. Let's Drop Bombs contains 9 upbeat tracks that feature a vast array of electronic rock and alternative touches throughout. Made up of Dejan Samardzic (arrangements, production,) Daniel Myer (arrangements, vocals) and Manuel g. Richter (synths, noises, drums) joins them for live performances; the album is one masterful record that deserves a pedestal.

Pizza Verdi

Experience a tense game of cat and mouse in Pizza Verdi, a 7-minuter film written and directed by Gary Nadeau. The film had already received much much attention and award from festival circuits including the Salento Fibus Terrae International Film Festival, Athens International Film and Video Festival, and BiosAgenda Online Film Competition. The film opens to a seemingly normal pizza delivery when the main character hears an angelic voice coming from the posh apartment. Upon discovering where the moving voice is coming from, a twist of power play opens up where the audience's first speculation about the characters' are dramtically changed.

Racing Glaciers

Describing themselves as a band that mostly writes about "rivers and nighttime," Racing Glaciers makes for an intriguing yet slightly offbeat group. This self-titled album features 6 cuts that range from slow indie folk rock to electro infused alternative cuts. Gathering influences from Led Zeppelin, Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, Death Cab for Cutie and Pink Floyd to name a few; the band consists of Tim Monaghan, Danny Thorpe, Matt Scheepers, and Simon Millest.