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Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice

Engross in classic romance stories with Jane Austenís perennially popular novel, Pride and Prejudice. Considered as one of the most popular author in English literature, Jane Austenís stories of romantic fiction were widely spread and praised. She also gained historical importance with her realism and strong social commentaries. Pride and Prejudice was first published in 1813. Set in the English countryside at the end of the 18th century, the novel tells the story of Elizabeth Bennet as she skillfully moves her way among issues on manners, morality, education and marriage in a tightly-knit and old-fashioned society.


There are a lot of RSS feed clients, and it can be hard for an app to stand out. Feedreader fortunately has features that make it simple to follow news. It will notify you when articles come out. The interface is easy to work with too. You can change views with one mouse click. Feedreader has a useful search feature to find keywords. It also has folders that will organize news. The pop-up notifier ensures you are always on top of the news. As an RSS client, it works pretty well. The program uses a three pane to display news contents. All the news items are available for offline viewing. You can set up the program to remove old news.

Singles: Unempty

Painting dark and surreal landscapes, Singles by Unempty is a gold mine for dubstep and experimental music lovers. It seems easy to appreciate and over appreciate an album that exudes the ability to mash-up two contrasting yet modern sonic trends. In this ten-track collection, Unempty showcases an album that plays on our moods and emotions. Approaching with much power, Convocation cautiously stirs the tightly coiled arrangement with a glowing electro undercurrent. Atomic Man follows with an edgy vibe. The reverberant drum patterns with occasional vocals encapsulates dubstep in its purest sense.

Peter Anthony Red: The Projectionist

Be the first ones to listen to Peter Anthony Redís debut album The Projectionist released last June 26. As stated in his bandcamp page, this conceptual EP follows a short, yet powerful narrative of a forgotten man working through the emotional roller coaster of a breakdown and subsequent search for personal reinvention. Peter Anthony Red is the moniker for QN5 founder Tonedeffsís latest musical project. This singing-based EP boasts five tracks that will surely make fans crave for its forthcoming full-length album entitled Hyperrealism.


Orbiter is a free space simulator, and it is also one of the most realistic. This isnít one of those space arcade games where you zoom around and shoot aliens. This simulator will show what itís like to really be in space. Created by Martin Schweiger, it employs real life physics. The game takes a while to master, but itís definitely worth it. Orbiter allows you to recreate classic space flights via its addon packages like Vostok, Apollo, Gemini, Mercury and more. it even has the Space Shuttle which can be launched from Kennedy Space Center. You will also see the ISS (International Sapce Station).

Pepperplate Cooking Planner

The Internet is home to millions of recipes. But itís a pain to save each one and print them out. Pepperplate Cooking Planner allows you to make an electronic cookbook. Created by Pepperplate Inc, it helps you arrange recipes. The app is like a complete meal planner. The app can link to several recipe websites. You can create an account on their website so all the recipes are synchronized. IPad users can attach tags to recipes, useful when your collection grows. There are a lot of features in the app. But you can think of it as a meal planner, food shopping guide and recipe organizer. Pepperplate Cooking Planner makes it easy to sort and search recipes you made.


Turn your your dull room or workplace into the ultimate chill out zone with RBTOís newest musical offering entitled Inverse. Released last April 26, this album features ten tracks of flavorful hip-hop music. Born in Hong Kong but currently based in the Philippines, Roberto better knows as RBTO is an MC and producer who roots his musical begginings at the early age of 7, where he started to write songs and was introduced to beat boxing. RBTOís love for hiphop officialy started in 2006 when he met Peopleís Future, a Manila-based MC group. Aside from being an MC and producer, RBTO is also an independent artist, writer, a composer, and a lyricist.

Ben K Adams: Nonchalant

Bringing in a fusion of experimental trip hop and dance pop sounds, Nonchalant by Ben K. Adams is a nice little getaway compilation for those looking to enjoy a little time out on the dancefloor. This is the latest release from the artist and it combines his skillful guitar playing with his expert mixing skills. Nonchalant is a short EP but it's enough to entice the listeners and keep them hooked with the few tracks it has in tow.


PeaZip is a powerful but easy to use open source archiving tool. There are many free compression utilities out there, but few are as robust as this one. In many ways, it is more powerful than some paid archive apps. The program is user friendly. Thanks to its drag and drop support, a user just has to drag a zip file on the interface and it will be decompressed. The archiving screen pops open when you drop a file there. All the basic functions are labeled clearly so new users will have no trouble using the program. File browse tools and function buttons make it a snap to add folders and files.