Sean Fournier: Oh My

This is Sean Fourniers fourth release. Oh My is a six-track album featuring newly re-recorded songs from previous albums (Put the World On Stop & Paper Tiger). This one was created to be 100% FREE. Sean encourages his listeners to download it, share it, give it friends or family everything to spread it like a plague.

Brad Sucks: I Don’t know What I’m Doing

Brad Sucks - Meet Brad Sucks, the self-proclaimed "one man band with no fans". Brad's brand of ironic rock has spread like wildfire via the Internet in the last several years. His "fan funded, professionally manufactured" album "I don't know what I'm doing" was presold though his own website, allowing fans to kick in the money needed to press and print CDs at a professional level.

Fading Ways: Share Vol. 6

Fading Ways Musics sixth compilation album is available for free download under the creative commons license. The first four samplers have been a great success for the label and are still available on the Finding Ways Music Store for a symbolic 1.00. Volume 5 is also available under creative commons and you can find out how to download it here.