The Re-Stoned

Re-Stoned: Vermel

My very first experience listening to the band might have included pressing play and patiently waiting for the lead singer to come out with his/her powerful vocals among the equally powerful electric guitar solos... patiently waiting, and waiting. But as the times goes by and you find yourself so into the flow of the music, listening to every riff and hit of drums - that initial need for vocals seem to fade. Well, Re-Stoned is not your average band - so the traditional set up fronted by a lead singer was instead replaced by the true craftsmanship of guitar, bass, and drums creating a fully instrumental experience. Vermel, Re-Stoned latest album, certainly brings us back to the golden style of the 70s classic rock, and with its world class hooks and true fuzzy rock the album definitely upholds the tradition of the decade well.