You can say many things about the French, but ‘they can’t make a good dance beat’ is certainly not one of them. Toulouse-based producer R E M L A R Я delightfully takes the spotlight today with h i t s : t h e f o l l o w i n g,  a no-compromises, no-nonsense, feet-on-the-dancefloor, sweat-inducing tour de force that screams: French House is alive and well, thank you very much. Through the eleven tracks on display, R E M L A R Я creates a wonderful high-octane experience for those looking to skip the subtleties and formalities in lieu of just dancing the night away.

Not often we see an album to unrelenting in its intent. There are no interludes, medium to low energy songs or ‘soft’ cuts for that matter. Each of the eleven pieces of this release raises the momentum to the point where not dancing to it becomes a bit sinful. R E M L A R Я constantly brings his own personal touch with a futuristic/retro duality that combines the best of Future Funk with finely-chosen samples from the disco era. The producer also makes great use of a skipping beat effect commonly known as the Chemical Jump to great effect, as seen on several tracks including the highlight Flowers/Running and Mes Yeux dans tes Yeux.

What h i t s : t h e f o l l o w i n g offers will be perfectly clear from the first beat, which might as well be a great thing if that’s what you’re looking for. Whatever the case may be, it’s a free download, so you have nothing to lose. Put on your trusty sneakers and enjoy the action!

Favorite tracks: Flowers/Running, Untouchable,
E L E C T R O S H O C K.


1. Nightwalk 04:20
2. Disco Nights 04:21
3. Flowers/Running 04:25
4. CHECK ME 03:13
5. Untouchable 04:02
6. Dancing Mad 03:22
7. Mes Yeux dans tes Yeux 04:12
8. E L E C T R O S H O C K 04:02
9. ALPHA 03:30
10. The Roadtrip 03:33
11. M A R Iマリくん x R E M L A R Я – Move On 04:08

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