About the Mess

Pinhead Records: International Punk Rock Superstars Vol. 5

In the mood for some loud, fast and energetic punk rock? Check out Pinhead Records' latest release. It's a goldmine of new and up-and-coming punk rock bands. Pinhead Records is a fairly new label hailing from Tampa, Florida and caters to punk as well as ska music. Run by a self-described "17-year-old douchebag," you'll find that it's a haven for discovering great new punk music from various indie bands. International Punk Rock Superstars Vol. 5 is a massive 26-track compilation and it's enough to give you something to rock on to for the entire night.

Punk’s Undead: Volume 2

Sematary Records is serious about bringing back good old punk rock. Following their successful compilation, Punk's Undead Volume 1, this second album is their latest tribute to the raucous and defining genre. Composed of "25 instant classics from the Midwest;" the album compiles tunes from various punk rock bands both old and new. You'll find a handful of loud and energetic songs on here that'll keep you awake all through the night.