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There are a lot of RSS feed clients, and it can be hard for an app to stand out. Feedreader fortunately has features that make it simple to follow news. It will notify you when articles come out. The interface is easy to work with too. You can change views with one mouse click.

Feedreader has a useful search feature to find keywords. It also has folders that will organize news. The pop-up notifier ensures you are always on top of the news. As an RSS client, it works pretty well. The program uses a three pane to display news contents. All the news items are available for offline viewing. You can set up the program to remove old news.

With the program you can organize, collect and read Internet content. You no longer have to contently check numerous websites. While it has sophisticated features, it is non-technical. Thanks to its search feature, you can find articles with those keywords. Feedreader has an Intelliupdate feature that learns the feed frequency update. Podcasts and enclosures linked to articles will be downloaded too.

Feedreader allows you to follow blogs and news sites. The intuitive interface makes news reading a no-brainer. When there’s a news update, the pop-up window will appear. You get a quick glance at the headlines and then it fades out. One of its strengths is arranging articles. You can also set up criteria to better configure the feeds. For all its features, Feedreader doesn’t take up a lot of system resources.


Feedreader’s functionality can be expanded with plug-ins. It runs on Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP/Vista and later. There is full support for SSL connections and Unicode. All mainstream feed formats are supported.

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