Software for Blackberry


Line is a social network and communications app that allows you send messages and call for as often as you want, free any time of the day. With it you can also make video calls, ideal if you want to communicate with friends or family that are far away. The app is also perfect if you are going to hold business meetings.


Badoo is a social networking app and a social site, but it’s not a Facebook clone, far from it. In fact it is the opposite. While Facebook is a network of your pals, Badoo is the network for people who have yet to become your friends. In short, it’s a site and app for connecting you with people you don’t know. But it’s not just for dating.

Zillow Real Estate Mobile App

The Zillow Real Estate mobile app has all the features anyone who wants to buy, sell, or rent a home in the US could want. Created by Zillow, it comes with a mortgage calculator, housing rental costs and values. It relies on GPS technology, so you will be able to use it as you drive around looking for property. It obtains real estate information from your location. To use, just tap Current Location and a map will pop up. Values will be shown, while color-coded arrows signify whether a property is for sale, been sold or available for rent. Zillow moves along with your travel so the data is relevant to your position. You can also type specific locations (city, neighborhood or a particular address).


Foursquare is an app that lets you record the places youve been to and share them with friends. Developed by Foursquare Labs, you will also get recommendations based on the places you and your friends have been to. The app is not just a basic travel companion. Its a tool for finding promos and sales close by. For the budget traveler, this can be a real lifesaver. Foursquares interface is simple enough that new users will have no problems learning. Clear explanations are given as to why they point to a particular recommendation.


UberSocial for Twitter has been called the Swiss Army Knife of Twitter apps. This nifty little software from Ubermedia, Inc allows you to create a "favorite users" list. You will never miss a tweet from your friends again. For those who get a lot of tweets, this feature will save time scrolling through hundreds of messages. But the app has many other features. You can mute users or hashtags for a specific period (or permanently). Menus can be customized so only the most used items appear. Facebook users will be glad to know that they can post Tweets there.


Foodspotting is all about finding your favorite dishes or restaurants nearby. If you want to find out what your local restaurant is serving up, this app from Foodspotting Inc can help. The information comes from users who post images of their favorite foods. This setup is different from other apps in that you get first hand info from real users and restaurant goers.