(Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny)

Fake It Or Leave It

Fake Label Records: Fake It Or Leave It: Vol. 1

Fake Label Records is a fairly new label put up by buddies, Tim Held and Justin Foss. Focusing on acts from the Pacific Northwest, the label is fairly small and follows a DIY approach when it comes to promoting and getting music out there. Fake It or Leave It: Vol. 1 is their first compilation and it smoothly showcases all the talented artists under the label as well as a couple of works from Tim and Justin. It's an exciting journey between punk, rock, indie, alternative and even pop that gives listeners a picture of what the label is all about.
260 EP


Up for chilling and relaxing? We have your perfect companion. Blvnt Records gives us another free-to-download smash in the form of the jazzy 260 EP by G Mills. Though the entire thing ticks around just under 10 minutes, listeners are still in for a laid-back auditory session that will make one clamor for a longer one. [Hey, we can’t have everything!]