The Kinda Sutra

In need of a good short? Grab a quick laugh and watch The Kinda Sutra, a Sundance hybrid documentary short that explores the eternal question: Where do babies c... Read More

Sea Bites

Explore the thin line between bravery and death in Sea Bites, a 12-minute documentary by David Berain under enpiedeguerra, a group of multimedia reporters. The film tells the story of Serxo and his comrades as they try to gather goose barnacles, an expensive delicacy famous for its sea-like taste. With only a rope tied to their bodies, the fishermen hang on large rocks braving the merciless beating of huge waves.

Cine Rinc„o

A delight for movie lovers, Cine Rinc„o reaffirms the magic of cinema in the most touching way. Directed by Fernando Grostein Andrade and produced under Spray Filmes Production, this 15-minute short film tells the story of Paulo Eduardo and how he used his near-death experience and love for film in transforming the slum community where he grew up.

Just Do It

Given an exclusive access by two (Climate Camp and Plane Stupid) environmental and climate change protest groups, Emily James (director, camera) followed them in their endeavors as they enthusiastically executed their plans by putting up camp sites in air strips, super gluing themselves to each other to form human barricades, and serving cups of tea to bystanders to show their passionate sense of responsibility for the future.

John and Joe

A sure heart-melter, John and Joe shows an emotionally moving story of a father... told in a unique way. This short animation is based on the real recollection of John Vigiano Sr., a retired New York City firefighter who loses both of his sons in the September 11 attack at the World Trade Center. It was directed by The Rauch Brothers and was produced by Lizzie Jacobs and Mike Rauch.