Below are just some of the questions and answers we often hear from our readers. If you can not find what you were looking for on this page feel free to contact Natalie at natalie at frostwire dot com.

How do I download?

FrostClick is a review blog that brings you a selection of the best free content available online. We do not host the content ourselves, but with a help of a download button, we do take you directly to artist’s, company’s website where the same selection can be downloaded directly from the content owner.

Downloading torrents

Some of the content we review can also be downloaded as a torrent file.
Torrents are little pointers to the actual content, therefore you need to have a software that can download the actual files to your computer. We of course recommend FrostWire. You can download it here absolutely free.

If you’re using FrostWire on desktop, go to File -> Open .torrent or Magnet and copy the download link from a given FrostClick.com page (left click on the download button -> Copy Link Address); than press ok.


You can also drag and drop downloaded .torrent file into the FrostWire window. The download should start automatically.

Why should I use .torrents?

Torrents help you download the exact content you want from multiple people who already have it on their computers and are willing to share it. Because the files will get to you from multiple sources, most of the time they will download a lot quicker than from one location.
Another important thing to consider is the content creator’s bandwidth. If you download files directly from a website, the owner of that website has to pay for the bandwidth you use up. It usually doesn’t cost much, but for an emerging musician every penny can count. By downloading the content using a .torrent file, you connect to other people on the P2P network, not a website directly.

Is all your content free & legal?

Yes. Most of the content we feature is covered under the Creative Commons license. It means that the content creators own the copyrights for their works, but they are OK with everybody sharing their content for free. If the content is not under CC license, the author either gave us the permission to feature it on our website and give it to you for free or has explicitly stated so on his/her website, so download away!

How do I submit my Content for Promotion?

If you are a content creator and you would like to submit your content to be featured on FrostClick/FrostWire, please read the Promote Your Content Page and contact us.