Delivering on its promise of effects and movement, AMP written and directed by Adam Marisett is an exhilarating short that combines action and drama. The 8-minu... Read More


Student filmmakers Trent Hilborn and Mark Mazur�s twisty short film is anything but usual. With a runtime of around 25 minutes, Clever is an intense psychological film with an outstanding directorial effort. It was premiered at the Reeve Union Theatre at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. The short tells the story of a scientist trapped in the sub-level of a science facility. Suffering from perpetual grief, he is forced to the edge and becomes the first person to breath a new life, not through reproduction, but multiplication.


Harmony. Pain. Love. Cycle of Life. Haoma reaffirms ESMA artisans' gift for imaginative and highly creative filmmaking. Originally a 2008 ESMA (Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques) graduation project, this short film was directed by students Matthieu Deltour, Melissa Lafon, Elodie Legros and Yann Moalic. The music was composed by Martin Romberg and performed by the Orchestre National de Montpellier.


Ready for a cool movie fix? Then Sam Lemberg's new short film Chameleon will surely treat you with a unique sci-fi experience. Spanning for only five minutes, the film is based on Chameleon, a short story by the late science fiction author Colin Harvey. In a time where a hostile race of aliens have inavded Earth and the government fears that the alines are modfying their DNA to pose as humans, an abducted military officer mysteriouly resurfaces. His wife was brought to verify his identity, only to reveal a twisted turn of events.

The Gift

This sci-fi film set in Russia is one testament that anything belonging to the genre may not just be about a thrilling display of robots and time machines as products of humans and science and technology. The Gift got an excellent direction from Carl E. Rinsch as he first set the mood of the story in a quite silent and menacing way – with a man holding the gift, extravagantly wrapped in red and gold, and travelling towards a house where the peak of the action finally begins.

The Secret Number

Hop on an intense, psychic experience with The Secret Number directed by Colin Levy. Based on the short story The Secret Number by Igor Teper, this psychological sci-fi drama has already made a splash on the festival circuit and garnered numerous awards such as the Best Student Film (Savannah Film Festival), Langan Student Cinematography Award, City of Savannah Award, Jury Award for Best Short Film (Charleston International Film Festival), and an Official Selection for the Newport Beach Film Festival.


A whimsical mix of tribal folk tale and futuristic effects, tungu. will fully immerse you to a visual world of dance and eccentric landscapes. Directed/animated by March Rühl and written by Georg Klein, the 9-minuter short tells the story of tungu, a tribe observed by scientists which lives peacefully outside the external world in the rainforest. These tribesmen are devoid of symbols and writing, they only communicate through simple dances.

Waltz for One

Get ready for some mind games in Waltz For One. This a short film released last June 19 to commemorate the 49th anniversary of the longest solo space flight in history by Valey Bykovsky with a total flight time of four days and 23 hours. The short is directed by John Merizalde and cinematography by David Torcivia. It's produced by Takashi Doscher with a budget of only $700. Set during the space race of the 1960s, the film follows the journey of Arthur Whitman, an eccentric rich man who sets out to a self-financed voyage to break the longest single-manned space to orbit for one week.