SketchBook Express

Some users refer to SketchBook Express as the Mac Version of Windows Paint, but it's more powerful. Created by AutoDesk, it offers casual users an easy way to learn how to paint and draw. Those who know little about drawing and painting will learn the ropes quickly. A blank canvas greets you after launching the app. One window has controls for redo, undo, colors and shapes. Pencils, erasers, pens and brushes are stored in another window. You also have flood fill tools, brushes for sharpening and blurring.

Autodesk 123D Design

123D is a desktop 3D modeler for Windows. Unlike other 3D programs, you don't need a lot of experience to create high quality objects. It is for people who have always wanted to make cool 3D art but don't have the skills to use complicated (and expensive) software. Created by Autodesk, you'll be able to make 3D designs from scratch. This CAD program has some elements similar to those of other Autodesk software. Tools like edge tweaking, push, pull patterning and symmetry turn your projects into realistic looking models.

Wings 3D

Mention 3D graphics and people think of programs that cost in the thousands of dollars. However, Wings 3D is a powerful modeler that is totally free. It was created by BjŲrn Gustavsson, Dan Gudmundsson and the rest of the Wings 3D Development Team. Itís a sophisticated program, capable of modeling human figures, creatures, vehicles, and so on. The program uses a graphical interface instead of icons. You use the keyboard and mouse to change an objectís geometry. Four selection modes are available: Body, Face, Edge and Vertex. Make no mistake about it; Wings 3D has a lot of tools. Each mode comes with its own set of modelers and editors. Its auto-UV feature makes adding textures easy.


ChaosPro is a freeware fractal program for Windows XP, Vista and later. Created by Martin Pfingstl, it can produce fractals in real time. Those new to fractal creation will appreciate its simple interface. Advanced users can tweak thousands of parameters to produce stunning images. For a freeware program, ChaosPro has a large number of features. As expected, it can generate Mandelbrot and Julia sets. But other fractal types like Escapetime, Attractor, Quaternion and more are supported. The application is multiwindowing, multitasking and supports an unlimited number of colors. The software is compatible with UltraFractal and FractInt.

Doodle Buddy

Paint programs today are powerful but often complicated and difficult for beginners. Doodle Buddy from Pinger is a suitable medium for budding and casual artists. When you start the app, it loads a blank canvas. The bottom deck contains all the painting and drawing tools.


Fotobounce is a photo management software that lets users upload images, even on a phone. Once on the web, these images can be shared. What makes the software different is its security. You decide who gets to see your photos. The software from Applied Recognition Inc also makes it easy to upload pictures to AirSet, Flickr and Facebook.

123D Sculpt

Traditional sculpting is a difficult and messy business, but 123D Sculpt by Autodesk simplifies things a lot. Designed specifically for the iPad, it comes with a tutorial that will get you up to speed. You can create human heads, dinosaurs, birds and other complex shapes. There are tools for smoothening, pulling and pushing a model. Use your fingers to twist, pinch or swipe. These sculpting tools can be selected directly. You can sculpt the mesh or the model. Some creases appear on the reverse side. However, this really isnít a problem because there is a symmetry mode.


Granimator is a wallpaper creator with a twist. It makes great use of the iPadís screen size to display stunning, unique images. You donít need to be an expert to create high quality wallpaper; you just tap the screen and images will appear. This app from ustwo has cool music playing in the background as you draw.