Imagine this: You are sleeping in a isolated house in an empty desert in Joshua Tree with only your dog for a companion, when you are suddenly awakened with a loud bang. You try to find the source of the loud, jolting sound when things suddenly move, the house shakes, and everything turns pitch black. You black out and only a nine-minute video on your phone is the key to explain what happened within those lost minutes.


9 Minutes is a dark, atmospheric science fiction short that is packed with a lot of suspense and mind-gripping narrative. The 14-minute short is written and directed by P.J. Wolff and stars Joshua Leonard (Blair Witch Project, Humpday, If I Stay).

The film is a visual feast. The production and shots are well-thought and placed to convey a perpetual feel of suspense all throughout the film. Even the film’s setting, which is a lonely house in a desert, contributes greatly to the mood of the film.

Build-up is the key to translate the narrative to the audience’s understanding, and this is what the film focused on. The silent, impactful shots at beginning heightens the feel of an impending danger, and when the build-up reaches its peak, everything crumbles into a bizarre and heart-racing ‘encounter’.

9 Minutes is a dark spectacle where the P.J. Wolff delivers a short, heart-racing moment through impeccable and detailed film making.


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