Fractile Plus by Georg Klein is a free app for the iOS that allows you to explore the Mandelbrot set. The Mandelbrot set is a complex series of mathematical formulas that can be expressed visually as stunning fractals. Even if you don’t know anything about advanced mathematics, you can have fun with fractals and this app.

Once you install this app you can use it to zoom in and examine these fractals, even the most complex ones. As you zoom in to these sets you’ll see a wide array of colors, flaming tendrils spirals and other shapes. The nice thing about these fractals is they go on and on and repeat itself, which is fascinating.


Fractile is pretty easy to use and the controls are a no-brainer. The tile design is unique, and as far as browsing fractal goes this is one of the fastest on iTunes available. It also has 60 FPS pan and zoom so no matter how deep you explore the fractals here, the movement is smooth and doesn’t have any jerking movements common in other fractal apps.

Fractile also comes with Julia set real time preview so there’s no long waiting on your part, and you can save the fractals as images up to 13 megapixels for very high resolutions. At the heart of the program however, is its zooming power, and it’s capable of zooming up to 10 trillion times and set the iteration detail up to 4096 times. With his kind of power, you can view the fractals as much as you want.

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