Post It Plus app is something you’ll want to use with your Post It Notes. Developed by 3M, the app makes it easier than ever to collaborate with your coworkers and well, take down notes. It’s a very simple concept but very effective, and it works great for mobile devices.

Using the app is as simple as it gets. Once you’ve installed it, just get your notes ready and share it with coworkers, friends and whoever you want. If you work on several projects and required to share information with others, and this will definitely come in handy.

If you’ve never used a Post It app before, it’s actually very easy. You just use the app to capture an image form the Post It Notes you’re working on. Now you can refine, arrange, and organize the ideas just the way you want it. Once you’re done preparing, you can share the board with your coworkers and your team.

You can use the app to send the notes to Dropbox, Excel, PowerPoint or other applications. Post It Plus is capable of capturing up to 50 square Post It Notes, and when you’re done capturing you can organize them in different ways. The app also makes it easy to combine boards and ideas from different sessions.

The point is Post It Plus is the most convenient way to share your Post It Notes, and it’s the kind of app you’ll be using frequently. It’s convenient, doesn’t get in the way and is very practical.

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