Rain Sounds HQ is an app that, as the name makes clear, contains high quality rain sounds which can be used for relaxation. These rain sound programs used to be available only on CDs and people use them to help go to sleep or concentrate. If you used to have one of these on CD, now you can get one on your iOS app courtesy of Phase4 Mobile.

Once you install Rain Sounds HQ, you’ll have access to a wide array of high resolution rain sounds. Each one is unique and been carefully recorded. Rain sounds is something we sometimes take for granted, but the high quality sounds provided here will make you give it a second listen.


The selection is varied, with raindrops falling quietly to gentle showers that will soothe your nerves. You can also try enjoy listening to the sound of gathering thunderstorms and in your mind’s eye you can see it happening in the evening or late afternoon. The sound quality is top notch, and you can just play it in the background as you go to bed, read or go about some other task. This is also a nice app to use for meditation.

iTunes classifies this as a medical app, and it does belong there since it goes a long way towards making you feel better emotionally and mentally. Apart from those already mentioned, you can blend some of the sounds to create your own. The interface is intuitive and there’s a sleep timer and slow audio fade out included.

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