BuzzFeed is a well-known website that specializes in updating you on the latest viral online content. BuzzFeed News is their long awaited iOS app (Android version coming soon), and it’s got all the news that will entertain, surprise, amuse and educate you.

The app gives you access to the whole BuzzFeed website including the latest news, articles, the best of lists, and many more. The site is huge, but the app’s layout makes digesting the news articles easy, and you can share the articles with your friends via Facebook.

With BuzzFeed News you can bookmarks features to keep track of your favorites just as easily as you can browse specific sections for the information that interests you. The headings on the app are clear so you can quickly go to the local stories, entertainment, news, lists and videos. Whether you’re looking for the latest on a celeb or just want to find the latest GIFs, they’re here.


However, outside of celebrities and viral videos, BuzzFeed also has serious news articles covering business, technology and politics, so there’s a bit of everything here. The interface for the iOS app is intuitive, and even if you’ve never been to BuzzFeed before you’ll have little trouble figuring out how it works. There’s also a widget so you can get the latest buzz on the home screen, a nice touch.

If you go to BuzzFeed regularly, this app is going to come in handy on mobile as content is updated constantly and the pages load quickly and smoothly. Rather than scour the web for the latest lists and viral news, it’s all here

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