Ingress from Niantic is one of the best games to make use of AR or augmented reality. By using your mobile device and the app, it turns the world around you into an environment where you can harness a mysterious energy to defend mankind. It is complex sci-fi game that requires patience, but it is worth it.

When the game starts you have to join one of two groups. The first is the Resistance, who seek to protect mankind from the Shapers. The second is the Enlightened, who believe that these Shapers are here to help us.

Choose a side and once the game starts, Ingress turns the objects in your world into portals. Look around you and explore as landmarks, sculptures, statues and other locations of interest may be Ingress portals.

These portals release energy and your goal is to find these and grab these energies for the faction you belong to. If you find the portal you can claim it using resonators that drain the energy. If the opposition also lays claim to the portal then you need to fight for it.

You can get these resonators from the real world or by tweaking various items. You use the UI to locate the portals. It is not just about siphoning energy however as you also need to link them. In addition there are weapons and hacking tools you need to work on as well.

Ingress requires physical activity and a considerable investment in time. It is not a casual game, but if you like to travel while taking part in a sci-fi adventure, Ingress might be your cup of tea.

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