23 Seconds Netlabel

Tracing Arcs: Wasteland

Here is yet another outstanding album from one of the finest trip-hop acts in the industry. Tracing Arcs, founded in the mid ’90s, gives us Wasteland. In this ten-track collection, musicians Fran Kapelle (lead vocal/backing vocals/lyrics) and Paul H. Addie (keyboards/programming/guitars) treats the listeners with a premium blend of jazz, downtempo beats, and some mellow electronic. The album also features special performances by Violet M. Williams (backing vocals) and Phil Brammer (guitar).

Flyafter: Today I’m With You

Flyafter is a Jakarta based band specializing in producing "beautiful pop melodies carving their way through a dreamlike foggy electronic soundscape." Part of 23 Seconds Netlabel, Today I'm With You is the band's (Rully Fahrezzyf, Hannan Jaya Mahardika, and Rully Luandri) second release after the more acoustic sounds of the self-titled EP. In their music, Flyafter combines various elements beginning from electronic, acoustic, to techno, shoegaze, indietronic, and pop. Although the band has been performing around Jakarta for quite some time now it was not until 2010, with the release of their first EP, that their music crossed continents for the very first time.