23 Seconds

Emerald Park: For Tomorrow (2010 Edition)

For Tomorrow is one of those records that you find online and you think to yourself, "is this really free?" Listening to the quality of the recording as well as the music might make you think twice but it is available as a free download so listeners can enjoy this amazing folk pop compilation from this Swedish group. Emerald Park is made up of Tobias Borelius, Martina Johansson, Frans af Schmidt, Mats Andreasson, and Mikael Eskilsson. The band formed back in 2001 and started off as a seven piece crew. Things didn't go according to plan and lineups were changed. Now, the group is back as a five piece along with a new netlabel, 23 Seconds. They re-released For Tomorrow; an album filled with lush melodies and catchy choruses that will certainly brighten up your day.

Henrik José – The Little Things

Henrik José, formally known as Bliss, comes to us from Malmö, Sweden. He started making music with computers all the way back in 1995 and has been sharing his free and amazing sounds ever since 1997. And now, after a break spinning nearly three years, Henrik is finally back with his latest release of The Little Things (and I have to say it was well worth the wait). The EP, available through the netlabel 23 Seconds (hosting some of the great young aspiring artists) and being the first official release under his real name, is a perfect example of wonderfully put together electronica/pop sounds for just about any ear.