YPL: Garbage Collection

If you have a soft spot for poppy Japanese songs, then you just might have found a best friend in Garbage Collection by ypl. Contrary to the album title, this is nowhere near garbage and actually resembles an upbeat and cutesy Japanese pop fest. Filled with gorgeous synths, rhythms and electro girly vocals, you'll feel right at home. Not much is known about the musician but the record speaks for itself. It won't be surprising to find this on anyone's "favorite music" roster at all.


ChaosPro is a freeware fractal program for Windows XP, Vista and later. Created by Martin Pfingstl, it can produce fractals in real time. Those new to fractal creation will appreciate its simple interface. Advanced users can tweak thousands of parameters to produce stunning images. For a freeware program, ChaosPro has a large number of features. As expected, it can generate Mandelbrot and Julia sets. But other fractal types like Escapetime, Attractor, Quaternion and more are supported. The application is multiwindowing, multitasking and supports an unlimited number of colors. The software is compatible with UltraFractal and FractInt.


Granimator is a wallpaper creator with a twist. It makes great use of the iPadís screen size to display stunning, unique images. You donít need to be an expert to create high quality wallpaper; you just tap the screen and images will appear. This app from ustwo has cool music playing in the background as you draw.

Spanish Prisoners: Gold Fools

Spanish Prisoners' latest release Gold Fools will bind your ears in a psychedelic magic spell. Hailing from Brooklyn, the quartet is composed of Leo Maymind, Amberly Hungerford, Mike DiSanto and James Higgs. They met in the winter of 2009 and started to create great music together. Two years in the making, their LP Gold Fools offers nine dream pop tracks that'll surely take you on a kaleidoscopic ride.


Chaser is a simple art game that has a straightforward gameplay. All you have to do is chase a blue figure man and keep him in the screen for as long as you can. The longer you can do this, the higher the score you'll get. It's really this basic. The blue dude will constantly run away from you so you have to keep chasing him. You'll start slow but eventually you'll be able to increase your speed while collecting various things as you go along. Even though the game has a simple premise, it's fairly addicting especially once you start off. It can easily consume hours and hours of your time without you noticing. If you're up for this, then give this one a go.


Okozo ensures that your desktop is never boring by livening it up with movement and interaction. Using this form of freeware, a user is able to embed interactive calendars and clocks onto their desktop, along with many other things that can be pulled from the net. Animations are flash based and unlike WMV based desktop animations, Okozo animations require minimal CPU usage and memory.