Action News Team

Action News Team: How To Defend Yourself Against Fresh Fruit

Action News Team is as eclectic as can be with their new record, How to Defend Yourself Against Fresh Fruit. The album comes with a host of blues, rock, jazz and alternative punk sounds that seem tossed inside one giant blender and turned into a smoothie. The band hasn't been sitting idly, in fact they've released about 12 compilations and singles since last year on BandCamp. This is the latest from the roster and the second one to be featured here in the blog. You'll discover a world of boozy dance club vocals, wailing guitars as well as 70s inspired Doors vibe circling all around.

Action News Team: God Damn These Electric Sex Pants

Action News Team sounds like a band that's lifted pages of influence from The Doors handbook. With their brand of lofi, bluesy rock and roll, it's hard not to wish you were in a pub with beer on hand while rocking along to these guys. These Edmonton natives describe their sound on their Facebook profile as "psychedelic weirdness" and indeed, you'll find a host of unusual sounds floating in between the songs. From samples, to grizzly guitars, to blues style singing; the songs resonate with that old-school rock vibe that makes it enjoyable from the getgo.