allison crowe

Kemuzik: Kemuzik One

Kemuzik One is a beautiful collection filled with tracks that are perfect for any type of listener out there. All of the songs are being offered for free by their respective artists and compiled into this 13- song collection by Przemek Bobins. The album is filled with quiet, folk indie tracks that seem to serve as a perfect background album for your moody Saturday afternoon. Bobins promises that this won't be the first and the last compilation, so while waiting for the upcoming good stuff; sink your teeth into this one for now.

Allison Crowe: Lisa’s Song + 6 Songs

Simon Cowell would be very enthusiastic if Allison Crowe had joined the Idol. Even if she wouldn't have won the Idol by some offbeat chance, she really doesn't need it since she is already a star in her very own right. Lisa's Song + 6 Songs was released back in 2007, certainly an oldie but a goodie right here. It's filled with acoustic, piano, jazz, rock and pop fusion tracks that defines Crowe as a musician completely. But perhaps, the best reason to listen to her songs would be simply to catch a glimpse of her powerful and ethereal vocals. She fills you with a longing to sit back and enjoy her music, much better than you would watching any TV show.

Allison Crowe: Little Light (originals)

Vocalist, pianist, guitarist, songwriter, engineer, producer and arranger - Allison Crowe is all the above. She lives & creates in Canada, but tours steadily, earning a reputation for exciting live shows that stir together her original songs with much-loved interpretations in an organic blend of rock, jazz, folk, Broadway, gospel and soul.