Kemuzik One is a beautiful collection filled with tracks that are perfect for any type of listener out there.  All of the songs are being offered for free by their respective artists and compiled into this 13- song collection by Przemek Bobins.

The album is filled with quiet, folk indie tracks that seem to serve as a perfect background album for your moody Saturday afternoon. Bobins promises that this won’t be the first and the last compilation, so while waiting for the upcoming good stuff; sink your teeth into this one for now. Every artist that has contributed to the album has explicitly given permission to give their music away for free. It would be a complete understatement if I simply say that the album is “nice and melodic.” It’s way more than that. Every single track has its own character and definitely the respective artists are worth checking out themselves.

This compilation took about 6 months in the making for Bobins and some tracks are extra special. For instance, you have Down Here by Stateless. This track was originally released on the English/ trip hop trio’s EP, The Bloodstream. Another special track is from indie Jamendo sensation, Allison Crowe. Her track Effortless for this release is the original, unmixed version.

Kemuzik One is definitely one of the best indie track compilations you’ll find anywhere today. From IAm Oak’s heartfelt and melodic opening track, On Trees, And Birds and Fire, to Andy Wagner’s dark, almost brooding vocals in One Key; you have yourself a compilation in which each track is worth listening and digesting. Now, I mean it when I say, this is definitely worth downloading.

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