Another Life

Black City Lights: Another Life

Another Life is the seventh album released by the newest pop duo, Black City Lights. An arresting combination of a twisted dark pop, melancholy, and phantom voices, Another Life will intoxicate you with their unusual turn in music. Phantom. That would be the perfect word to describe Children. The chilling wave of the synthesizers, dubsteps/electronica complemented with the apparition-like vocals. This song is a beautiful hallucination that tickles and eventually jolt your reflective mind.

Kyle Patrick: KP

Kyle Patrick's first solo album KP removes you from the real world. After its release last May 2010, the album had already garnered more than 30,000 hits and topped the bandcamp music charts. A bonafide musician since the age of six, Kyle Patrick had devoted his whole life for music mastering any instrument possible. During his time in Berklee College of Music, Kyle scored a big break as a front for the pop group Click Five for their 2007 release Modern Minds and Pastimes. He had also performed with big names like The Black Eyed Peas and Placebo. Kyle is currently working on a new EP and 3D music video while actively doing charity work.