Another Life is the first full length album released by the newest pop duo, Black City Lights. An arresting combination of a twisted dark pop, melancholy, and phantom voices, Another Life will intoxicate you with their unusual turn in music.

Phantom. That would be the perfect word to describe Children. The chilling wave of the synthesizers, dubsteps/electronica complemented with the apparition-like vocals. This song is a beautiful hallucination that tickles and eventually jolt your reflective mind.

Crystals with sounds of tickling bells, Offering is a beautifully woven track. This track will lighten your burdens, as you will hear the ghost-like vocals. This probably the most favorite track in this album. It is a fantastic, breathtaking dark pop—a definite Black City Light‘s signature.

Another Life is goth-themed with its airy pop on it. This track is a complete delusion! It is an imaginative, surreal and hallucinating track that fuses well with phantom vocals. Majestic, amazing.

Faceless Child is an emotional track. If this is a movie, this will be a tearjerker. Dominating in this track is the powerful vocals of Parr that blends well with the airy fantasy vibe that envelops the song.

Another Life is an amazing eleven-track album. Enthralling and enchanting, this album will not just give you goosebumps. It will let you fly away and free your mind with their introspective music.

Track List:
1. Intro
2. Give It Up
3. Children
4. Offering
5. Another Life
6. For Sophia (Interlude)
7. Faceless Child
8. Take Me Home
9. Cruel Intentions
10. Tried So Hard
11. Outro

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