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This album by NKVD is for those Music-Crazy people who just believe in one thing, and that is to bring the entire house down. NKVD: DEGENERATION is an Metal-Electronic Cybre Genre product, promising loads of bass, techno, metal and cyber beats. A particular song from the album that caught my personal attention was "Human Conception", it is hardcore metal and suddenly ventures into the Electronic arena, and pops up back with the Metal stuff. Metal fans are in for a treat to their ears with the amount of detailing put into the songs. Another track recommended is "Shadows and Blood", the song just screams Evil and Pain.

Stefano Mocini: A Cat Playing

If you are looking for a soulful, rich, and inspiring instrumental sounds that will help to smooth out your day, then we have something just for you. Stefano Mocini's A Cat Playing is one of the most melodious piano only compilations I have stumbled upon in a long time. With each track outperforming the previous one, A Cat Playing is one of the few albums where pin pointing the favorite song is nearly impossible; even after few long listens. The melodies brilliantly flow and connect each of the tracks; and all this is managed with just a single instrument.