If you are looking for a soulful, rich, and inspiring instrumental sounds that will help to smooth out your day, then we have something just for you. Stefano Mocini‘s A Cat Playing is one of the most melodious piano only compilations I have stumbled upon in a long time.

With each track outperforming the previous one, A Cat Playing is one of the few albums where pin pointing the favorite song is nearly impossible; even after few long listens. The melodies brilliantly flow and connect each of the tracks; and all this is managed with just a single instrument.

Stefano Mocini succeeds, without a doubt, in brilliantly fusing different types of piano pieces into one stunning performance, where listeners will never come across a monotonous tone.
The album oozes out relaxing tones, sweet optimistic melodies, and lots of passion; perfect for those romantic outings or a relaxing evenings at home.

The variations used in the album include Ballades, Mineuts, Sonatas, Fanatsaies, just to name a few and will certainly leave a spark of love with any true romantic at heart, especially after hearing cuts like Calm Before or Against Fate. Another track worth mentioning is It Hurts where the piano work alone makes an incredible job of ‘playing’ pain; very heart-warming track for the wintertime.

In the words of an artist himself:

“I tried to reload my best songs with perfect sound (the volume is low to preserve the quality of the recording).
But in reality I cannot play the piano in a perfect way because I have played it for just only one year…”

I must mention, the guy has a very funny side to him when you read on further.

Overall it is a great album, a great compilation, great tracks, and relaxing music. Its a thumbs-up from me and I hope it will gain some new instrumental music fans.

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