Green Grow The Rushes

John Vanderslice: Green Grow The Rushes

John Vanderslice is an American singer/songwriter that has quite a repertoire. He's been in various bands starting from the 1990s. Ever since he decided to take the solo flight, he's released a great number of albums and singles. Some of which are available for free download, like this one. Green Grow The Rushes is a 6-track mini compilation that's packed with upbeat, whimsical folk pop songs. It's a beautiful record that's a bit more reflective and personal compared to his other works. Since his first solo debut, Mass Suicide Occult Figurines, where he gained some attention for one single, Bill Gates Must Die; the singer has moved on to other topics. He still has that spark though. His songs are infused with a certain enigma that most musicians simply cannot find. Take a listen.