Sound System: The Christmas Story

We all knew it was coming. Right after Thanksgiving ended, the Holiday music went up on the store speakers, on radios, and in our homes. It seems there is no escape, so why not give in a little bit and enjoy all the great sounds. And if you are getting tired of the traditional – venture off and find the Holiday music with a twist – just like The Christmas Story by Sound System.

The Revelations feat. Tre Williams: It’s That Time Of Year

Today is the day of last minute free and amazing Christmas music that you can rock to this Holiday season and there is no better way than to hit it off with The Revelations feat. Tre Williams. Their holiday tribute, It's That Time Of Year, comes filled with four gorgeous tracks ready to put you in the right mood. Part R'n'B, part blues, with just a touch of soulful beats it is really a wonderful treat for anyone looking for something more than the holiday hits we have been hearing on the radio for the past month.