Today is the day of last minute free and amazing Christmas music that you can rock to this Holiday season and there is no better way than to hit it off with The Revelations feat. Tre Williams.

Their holiday tribute, It’s That Time Of Year, comes filled with four gorgeous tracks ready to put you in the right mood. Part R’n’B, part blues, with just a touch of soulful beats it is really a wonderful treat for anyone looking for something more than the holiday hits we have been hearing on the radio for the past month.

The short album takes off with it’s title track. A slightly calmer piece with feel-good lyrics of coming together of families and strangers during this one special day of the year when smiles bright up the sky. The second track, Marry Christmas Baby, on the other hand, opens up with some amazing blues guitars and vocals that add a nice spin on the more traditional Holiday sound. It’s Christmas Time, takes us down a notch and with it’s R’n’B sounds will surely make you hold on to that special someone yet again.

The last track, well, I’m sure you all know the words to this one; This Christmas has been with us for a while now, so get ready to sing along!

It’s That Time Of Year is available on Bandcamp as a free download.

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