Jay Mel

Jay Mel: You Know

Following his last release, Who Is Jay Mel, also covered within the pages of FrostClick, Jay Mel comes back with yet another addition to his artistic repertoire, this time in a shape of four track EP, You Know. The Youngstown, OH based rapper is certainly raising the bar every time he steps to the microphone (which he is proudly doing since the young age of 15), and this time is proving to be no different.

Jay Mel: Who is Jay Mel

Jay Mel is a Youngstown, OH based rapper who bends, breaks, and burns the rules every time he steps into the vocal booth or on stage. His music is a slick blend of hip-hop, rap, pop which, with an addition of some mind blowing beats and lyrics, just might make you want to come back for more. His debut album, Who is Jay Mel, is filled with sixteen great sounding tracks that will surely be a treat for any rap/hip-hop lover out there, especially if you are always on the lookout for promising emerging talent.