Following his last release, Who Is Jay Mel, also covered within the pages of FrostClick, Jay Mel comes back with yet another addition to his artistic repertoire, this time in shape of a four track EP, You Know.

The Youngstown, OH based rapper is certainly raising the bar every time he steps to the microphone (which he is proudly doing since the young age), and this time is proving to be no different.

The album begins with what could be easily one of the fastest rapping on the record. You Know is filled with energetic beats and electronic synths that together create some of the most powerful sounds you will hear; so if you like taking your ride on a spin around town, rolling down the windows while blasting the speakers – this song might just find its way into your permanent music playlist. And while I’m Good takes it down just a notch, its lyrics remain more than just powerful making for a great listening experience. There might not be anything groundbreaking in the record itself, with Jay Mel remaining true to his original sounds; sometimes, however, it is the familiar that makes for a perfect companion.

Overall, the record is definitely one to look out for and its professional production combined with some sweet vocals, turns it into a real treat for all the pop hip-hop fans out there. So go ahead and get your free download today.

And remember to stay on top of any feature releases from the artist (links below)! I certainly will.

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