Republic of Letters: Stories

A family business? Almost. Republic of Letters was originally created by two brothers, Chris Venti (vocals, guitar) and Nick Venti (drums) all the way back in 2005. Since than however, the band saw an addition of some great talent and eventually, with the help of Martin Niwinski (bass, guitar) and Adrian Thorstensen (guitar), developed it's own sonic experience. Combining the bits and pieces of Brit pop beats and alternative-rock sounds the band's latest album Stories makes for a great free release. So get it while it lasts!

Rushus: Stories

Dreamy instrumental and experimental jazz from a Russian trio. Stories is a reflective compilation that is filled with whimsical melodies that makes you wish all instrumental music was created this way. Aptly described by one reviewer as "a fine collection of intelligent jazz tracks;" the compilation features experimental, progressive music with touches of blues and jazz. Rushus is primarily made up of Ilya Lipkin, guitar player extraordinaire. He's accompanied by two equally talented individuals, Evgeniy Tkachev on percussion and Vladimir Nikulin playing bass. Together, they create this sonic fusion of instrumental jazz that is filled with melodic rhythms and unconventional beats. Stories isn't just perfect for a Saturday night, it serves as great background music for almost any relaxing, quiet afternoon.