A family business? Almost. Republic of Letters was originally created by two brothers, Chris Venti (vocals, guitar) and Nick Venti (drums) all the way back in 2005. Since than however, the band saw an addition of some great talent and eventually, with the help of Martin Niwinski (bass, guitar) and Adrian Thorstensen (guitar), developed it’s own sonic experience.

Combining the bits and pieces of Brit pop beats and alternative-rock sounds the band’s latest album Stories makes for a great free release. So get it while it lasts!

So here it goes, a little bit of Coldplay flavor, lush guitars and some amazing drums popping in all the right places, melodic sing-along choruses, some rich texture and you have one pretty nice album. The boys might not come equipped with the most unique of sounds out there, yet their Brit pop flavor, professionally executed work turn the album into a release that should not be missed.

Stories is not the first album released by the band; so if you fancy the sounds make sure to head to the boys’ bandcamp page and check out their very own debut “Painted Hour” or the proceeding EP “Spirit or a Ghost”. Or even better, you can always follow the band and stay up to date with the upcoming treats; the word has it they are working on some new great tunes that might see the light of day very very soon.

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